Billion Dollar Body Event – Keynote

Spend two hours absorbing mind-altering ideas and strategies from Jay. He discusses business and life with a room of business owners working to create an ultimate state of health, power, and confidence.

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Tom Ferry – Success Summit Keynote

Here’s your chance to experience Jay’s keynote speech from Tom Ferry’s 2018 Success Summit held at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 9th.

50 Shades of Jay # 43 – Millennial Meanings of Life: A Cat Scan Montage Of Perspectives

As I’ve evolved the scope of my reach and impact, I’ve gotten an unexpected array of interview and article requests about my take on millennials — from millennial influencers.I have been reflecting deeply about this generation and the issues, challenges, and opportunities they represent. In that process, I’ve become...

The Single Secret To Preeminence, According To Jay Abraham: Think Differently

[Article originally appeared in Forbes]Several weeks ago I had the long-anticipated opportunity to meet author and marketing/business strategist Jay Abraham. Abraham is a key influence to multiple of the people I’ve interviewed for this column including Daymond John, Steve Sims (Bluefishing), Joe Polish and others. He’s...