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Subject: Valuable Expert Business Building Resources—Yours FREE!


In the marketing world, there are very few true legends that have had a
dramatic and lasting influence on the majority of all marketers.

These marketing geniuses have singlehandedly impacted 100’s of thousands
of business owners and entrepreneurs with their intense,
thought-provoking theories, paradigms and creative processes.

They are the people whose teachings and theories are often quoted or
paraphrased in almost every marketing course out there.

One of those marketing icons is Jay Abraham – legendary marketing wizard
and business growth “super consultant”

I’ve known Jay for a long time and his work and coaching is one of the
reasons I’ve been as successful as I am.

Jay has helped entrepreneurs all around the world, in over 465
industries, completely transform the way they market their products and

His teachings are core foundational material that every business owner
needs to know.

Jay’s courses, seminars and coaching groups typically require an
investment any where from $10,000 – $30,000 and if you qualify to spend
a day with him, it would run you $50,000!

However, Jay has asked me to help him spread his business transforming
information to everyone I know.

For a limited time, Jay is allowing me to gift you over 35 of his most
popular and impactful business books, videos, courses and interviews.

At the link below you will find a huge collection of wealth building and
business multiplying resources — All Absolutely FREE!

There is no registration required whatsoever and none of these resources
tries to sell you anything at all. This is a completely no-strings-attached
gift from Jay and I to you with no future obligations whatsoever.

Access all of these gifts here:

In these valuable business building resources, you’ll learn how to:

-Increase your sales faster than ever -Boost your profits by multiplying
your resources -Build a fool-proof marketing strategy that will propel
you to unheard of levels of success!

Here’s a quick overview of the resources available at

that can quickly take your business to new heights.

FREE GIFT #1: The Strategy of Preeminence

A proven strategy for operating a preeminent business. You’ll receive
three components:

-Transcription of a live, complete discussion on The Strategy of

-Key belief points to always focus on -2 videos on everything you
should know about the new world business view

-“Cliff’s notes” style document containing the most important points
for you to focus on

FREE GIFT #2: Jay’s Top-Rated Books

-“Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” — 21 ways to
out-think, out-sell, out-advertise, out-maneuver, out-compete and
out-earn your competition.

-“The Sticking Point Solution” — Nine ways a business gets itself stuck,
stagnates or stalls and how to correct these problems quickly.

FREE GIFT #3: The League of Extraordinary Minds Interview Transcripts

Interviews of 57 remarkable business icons on critical issues,
challenges, and answers to problems each entrepreneur has faced.
You’ll gain insight that can immediately be put into use.

FREE GIFT #4: How to Find Influencers and Win Friends, The Right Way

A collaboration with one of the technology world’s most sophisticated
research groups on how a business can best master social media with
total authenticity, connectivity and maximum positioning impact.

FREE GIFT #5: Exclusive, Probing Interviews with other business legends

-Tony Robbins, self-help author and motivational speaker
-Fran Tarkenton, sports legend and successful entrepreneur
-Stephen R. Covey on “Effectiveness”
-Stephen M.R. Covey on “The Speed of Trust”

FREE GIFT #6: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Simplify your life, multiply your profits, and have more fun growing
your business or profession. In this course, you’ll receive 12 complete
audio sessions and a workbook providing examples, case studies, and
illustrative stories.


You’ll also receive dozens of additional business building resources
such as:

“How To Create a Sales Vortex”—Learn how to convert prospects into life long evangelists.
“Abraham 101”—The right and wrong methods of business building
“The Abraham Mind Shift Challenge” –A window into Jay Abraham’s 3-D cat scan “possibility based” mind
John Dudeck’s “Highest and Best Use Theory”
“Game-Changing Superstars” –A collection of interviews with legendary superstars and achievers
“The Ultimate 45 Minute Reality Check” video footage
Hot Seats/Lightning Rounds – Q&A’s to specific business situation scenarios and issues
Two Business Analysis Questionnaires
“Nine Drivers of Exponential Profit Explosion” PDF Report
“Creativity Switch” Transcript
“Maximizing the Leverage in Relational Capital” video footage
My “Business Philosophies” PDF Report
Keynote presentations from the Speaker and Authors Networking Group
“The Head Hunter’s Approach” eBook on how to land your dream job

And much more!

This entire collection of valuable information is all yours—compliments
of Jay and I.

Click Here to Download it Now:

But hurry, Jay is only leaving this page online until February 15th

To your business success,

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