Jay Abraham’s Profit Explosion Braintrust Package – Terms of Service Agreement

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Dear Jay,

I understand my submission of this form acts as an electronic signature accepting the terms and conditions of purchase. I understand this signature indicates that I am ready, willing, and able to financially commit to this program by choosing a payment preference above. I am committed to being part of this unique group experience which includes a combination of high-performance business growth stratagem, brainstorming, problem-solving, masterminding, idea-generating, accountability, masterful thinking and expert implementation guidance and support.

Participation Benefits includes:

  • Two Day Rapid-Result/Fast Track Virtual Master Course with Jay… ($5,000 Value)
  • Six Week Group Mastermind with The Abraham Accelerators… ($3,000 Value)
  • Grand Finale Masterful Thinking Session with Jay… ($3,000 Value)
  • How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be… ($497 Value)
  • Jay’s Private Client Proprietary Questionnaire… (Priceless)
  • Access To Profit Explosion Braintrust FB Private Community… (Priceless)
  • RAPID ACTION BONUS #1: Referral Mastery… ($1,997 Value)
  • RAPID ACTION BONUS #2: Relational Capital Mastery… ($2,997 Value)
  • RAPID ACTION BONUS #3: $5,000 GO-FORWARD Loyalty Credit… ($5,000 Value)
  • RAPID ACTION BONUS #4: Ticket To In-Person Beyond Exponential Event with Jay… ($15,000 Value)

The process Jay is using for this group encounter is designed to explode my profits beyond exponential and far exceed the modest price of participation-assuming of course I act/implement on what I learn from Jay.

Jay — I’m committing to you that I will stay in the program for the full duration.

I understand these are the same techniques that have been recognized to have generated an estimated $30 billion in profit increases. They are the same techniques used for some of your world class success stories and more importantly, you guarantee 90% of these concepts WILL apply to any size, type, scope of business I ever run. These concepts work. They absolutely have been used around the world to explode profits beyond exponential in every kind of business, and what I do with them is going to be up to ME!

I also understand you are ONLY looking for monsters of execution and fully-committed participants, therefore I accept that any funds I invest in the Profit Explosion Braintrust package are non-refundable.

Jay, let’s do this!

By taking the affirmative step of purchasing a product, service or membership, buyer attests to have fully read, understood, and accepted the terms of this Purchase Agreement contract and the Terms of Service, and warrants to the Seller that said affirmative digital acceptance shall be deemed to be the same as if you had affixed your signature to this Purchase Agreement contract.