The Non-Shade Shade – Take 2

Yet again, and in honor of contributing to your business betterment, I had my research team put together an additional 90+ thought-provoking contributions. I truly hope you will be inspired by as you review and re-review them whenever you need a boost in mental stimulation and inspiration.


Dan Kennedy Diamond Call interview
– An interview I did with Dan Kennedy where we cover a trove of ideas ranging from identifying your real competition, the power of preeminence, knowing the lifetime value of your clients, bringing in breakthroughs from the outside, and the key to relational capital.

School of Greatness Podcast – Jay’s Interview with Lewis Howes
– An interview of me done by Lewis Howes on his wildly successful School of Greatness podcast. You will learn: exact phrases to tell clients to make them want to give you referrals, the story behind one of my most successful clients, a simple four part process for accessing and harnessing the greatness within you, the 4 kinds of clients you have and what to do with them
, plus much more…

Jay Interviews Harvey Mackay
– Maybe one of the most unusual interviews you’ll ever listen to. It’s not the same-ole’ questions; instead, I plumb Harvey’s mind looking for the untold, non-scripted backstories.

Jay Interviews Blair LaCorte
– A high-level, probing discussion on building world-class organizations with the former top strategic advisor to one of the biggest PE firms in the world. This interview is a short, but sweet, collection of insights and wisdom into the inner workings of a high-performance business including solutions to many of the challenges that most businesses will face at one point or another.

Bulletproof Radio Podcast – Jay’s Interview with Dave Asprey
– Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, and one of the most listened-to podcasters in the country, interviewed me on my high-performance disciplines and activities are that enable me to perform the multitude of endeavors I have. It’s very funny, unexpected, and doesn’t really discuss business – but demonstrates how someone can be very aware of keeping their body and mind operating at concert pitch, so the performance levels you achieve are outsized and consistent.

Interview with Direct Response Titan, Brian Kurtz
– A provocative, deep-dive interview between direct response “Titan” Brian Kurtz and me. It’s audio-only and close to 2-hours, where Brian and I intellectually stimulate one another as we share one powerful distinction after another. We discuss the most impactful lessons from legendary entrepreneurs, what it takes to become world class at whatever you do, the value of writing remarkable headlines, the importance of being both a student and a teacher, and much, much more.

Genius Network Podcast – Joe Polish Interviews Daymond John
– An interview my good friend and colleague Joe Polish, of the Genius Network, conducted of Daymond John – where he shares his insights, wisdom, and strategies for success.

David Goldsmith’s Lost Interviews – 30 Audios and Distilled Notes
– The lost interviews of David Goldsmith – international multi-talented consulting super-brain.

Jay Interviews Leonard Atlas on Selling
– An interview I conducted of Leonard Atlas on “selling” – by getting the prospect to say NO faster.

Brink of Midnight Podcast – John Brenkus Interviews Football Great Ray Lewis
– An interview done by the star of the ESPN sports show, Sports Science, John Brenkus – on the moment that changed everything for Ray Lewis.

Marshall Goldsmith’s Interview with Ramit Sethi
– An interview by corporate executive coach Marshall Goldsmith with my favorite millennial (next to my four sons), Ramit Sethi – on “How the Best Get Even Better”.

Arthur Robinson Interviews Jay
– An interesting new interview of me with modest questions and mammoth answers. The following interview with Arthur Robinson is a wonderful object lesson on how to take charge of a relatively simple interview and spinning it/ slicing it/ dicing it and putting it into an intellectual centrifuge that whips it into something quite different than the directional outcome it could have taken. I think you will enjoy listening to the answers – including: My beginnings and rise to Preeminence – How I developed my skills and perspectives; What I have learned – How I applied from my experience in countless industries; Habits of successful entrepreneurs – How to be a value creator or detector.

The Millennial Maze – Jay Abraham, Ramit Sethi, Phillip Stutts
– A truly fascinating three-way discussion I had with Ramit Sethi and Phillip Stutts. YES, two different perspectives on millennials. One perspective was how to sell to them authentically, successfully. The other was how to hire, inspire, sustain, retain, and multiply then maximize their team performance. Anyone interested or struggling with The Millennial Maze will enjoy this.

Oliver Talamayan of City Summit Interviews Jay
– A different slant about to bombard the net in pre-promotion for a huge business conference that occurs during the Academy Award week and culminates with a huge gala headed by iconic stars. This year’s honoree is Ashton Kutcher. But numerous other icons and celebs will be there. I’m a key presenter plus have been invited to the advisory board. See if THIS interview sheds light on yet another different side of me.

Jay Interviews Steve Sims
– An interview I did with Steve Sims, celebrity VIP concierge to the rich and famous, whose new book Bluefishing – shares exactly how Steve rose from bricklayer and bouncer to one of the most trusted, influential, and innovative people in the highest, high-end market imaginable – customized, out-of-the-realm of possibility, lifetime-memorable, and uber-experiences. His lessons we deeply explored are so powerfully logical – once explained, you’ll laugh – then rabidly adopt every one of them.

Sports Motivation Podcast – Interview of Robert Green
– This interview is not one of mine. It’s the interviewer’s favorite interview with Robert Green, celebrated author of the mega best seller: The 50th Law.

Sports Motivation Podcast – Interview with Jay
– An unusually candid “meaning-of-life” discussion I did, expressly for millennials and their parents.

Andy Paul Interviews Jay
– A different slant on selling I did with a prominent sales icon.

Miscellaneous Interviews of Jay

U.K. Marketing Maven Dan Bradbury Interviews Jay
Montreal Marketing Maven Franck Nicolas Interviews Jay
Unusual Interview Done of Jay in Israel

Articles from Around the Web

How Privacy Became a Commodity for the Rich and Powerful – NY Times
– A New York Times article about a concept called OPEN SECRETS written by Amanda Hess. It exposes the irony, hypocrisy, dichotomy, and (some might say) stupidity of people for wanting something for nothing.

Forgot Where You Parked? Good – NY Times – An interesting article from the New York Times that will explain why “Learning Loss” isn’t always a bad thing. This article turned one of my precepts totally upside down. Read it yourself and see if it makes YOU feel far better about your mind not remembering everything.

The Measure of a Life Well Lived
– An intriguing article by Henry Miller on the essential psycho-emotional supremacy of old age. He covers growing old, the perils of success, and the secret of remaining young at heart.

Popularity vs. Prominence – NY Times
– A provocative article from The New York Times on popularity vs. prominence – from mortality, longevity wellness perspective (I think) you’ll find fascinating.

Things We Learned in 2016 – NY Times
– A “crash-course” collection of cool “factoids” to share in social conversation – that will help define your conversational superiority. I found the 60 factoids in this New Year’s special edition article absolutely fascinating; particularly provocative were factoids #3, 7, 10, 16, 20, 21, 22, 26, 36, 39, 41, and 42.

An Obituary of Fiction-Writer William Trevor – The Economist
– A one-page obituary about a famous fiction-writer, William Trevor. The way the writer dimensionalized this man’s way of looking at life utterly fascinated me. You have to wade through a few paragraphs that might seem tangential. But we wade through an abundance of “stuff” in life that definitely IS tangential. Think for five or two minutes about the mind in that 88-year long life that this article chronicles.

Self Esteem and Self Worth

Possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships. It affects many aspects of our lives like our trust in others, our relationships, our work – nearly every part of our lives. Positive self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow from our mistakes without the fear of rejection. If you have low self-esteem, harness the power of your thoughts and beliefs to change how you feel about yourself. Start by perusing these articles:

On Self-Esteem:

What Is Self-Esteem – Psychology Today
5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Make it Stick – Psychology Today
10 Ways to Learn to Like Yourself Better – Psychology Today
4 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up, Once and For All – Psychology Today
How to Raise Your Self-Esteem – Psych Central
Self-Esteem Check: Too Low or Just Right? – The Mayo Clinic
10 Secrets to Improve Your Self-Esteem – Bright Side
– You’ll smile when you read this one!
How to Improve Your Self-Esteem: 12 Powerful Tips – The Positivity Blog
What Exactly Is Self-Esteem – Very Well
3 Powerful Habits for Building Your Self-Esteem – Louise Hay


Robert Hargrove on the Case for Business Coaching
– One of my close colleagues and business partners, Robert Hargrove, is the executive coach to the top performing company on the Russell 1000. He is the father of the concept of Masterful Coaching and believes that every executive and entrepreneur needs someone to counsel him or her continually. Robert makes an exquisite case for the value of different types of business coaching in these two articles; read them and make your own well-reasoned conclusion.

Robert Hargrove on How to Be a Remarkable CEO
– Another terrific blog from Robert Hargrove on “How to Be a Remarkable CEO” — It covers 30 different Points and generated a torrent of personal responses from Robert’s C-Level subscribers.

More Penetrating Writings from Robert Hargrove

Michael Levin’s Blog Collection
– Michael Levin is one of the most established ghostwriters in the nation. This New York Times best-selling author has written, co-written, or ghostwritten more than 550 books, of which eighteen are national best sellers. In his blogs, Michael asks great questions offering insights and perspectives into our own lives that craft a compelling call to action and inspires a deeper appreciation for living life to the fullest.

Jay & Denny’s DIRECT BLOG
– In this inaugural edition, Denny tackles the Unique Selling Proposition (USP): what it is, the benefits it provides, and most of all, the cost one pays when they choose to abandon it. Denny challenges us to deeply examine every factor and component that influences the decisions we make, not just the superficial aspects that are apparent at first glance. There is a wild takeaway for everybody who reads this story.

Another Wonderful Blog Installment from Denny Hatch

The Mysterious JR – 27 Power Blogs
– JR, our mysterious self-styled “chronicler” of the diverse spectrum of wild things I do – has created 27 rather provocative “Compression Blogs.” They distill and summarize, then squarely explain and illustrate the core-essence of a dizzying array of all new strategic approaches, breakthrough distinctions, AND unique hybrid concepts I get deeply involved in.

The Mysterious JR – Mix of 56 Power Blogs
– The amazing JR and his 56 newest contributions

The Mysterious JR – Attack of the Killer Blogs
– Eighteen Jay Abraham blogs, magnificently ghost-written – from actual group consulting sessions – by our brilliant distillation expert – the anonymous JR.

The Mysterious JR’s Distillation on “How to “OWN” 2017
– A distillation blog post the Mysterious “JR” penned that summarizes a deep, meaningful two-hour session I did for 50 Chinese Entrepreneurs on How to “OWN” 2017 — This one’s really juicy.

More Penetrating Blogs from the Mysterious JR
– Another great collection of “summary” blogs from our mysterious “JR.” JR put together the blogs to distill, rearticulate, and condense many of my different current activities – representing them in a simple-to-consume form.

Summary of “My Favorite Philosophies”
– A superb distillation done by the mysterious JR, derived from a problem-solving clinic held at the Porsche training facility for a diverse group of high-level mastermind participants.

A Collection of Scenario-Based Interpretations Blogs
– Done by our esteemed anonymous biographer, JR – based on listening to me conduct paid sessions with diverse groups worldwide.

Brian Kurtz’s “Titans Collection”
– A collection of 22 blogs from my good friend, Brian Kurtz – one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in direct marketing.

Tim Ferriss on Ramit Sethi – The Real-World Blueprint for a $5-Million Week!
– A perspective that icon and 4-Hour Work Week hero, Tim Ferriss, did with my favorite millennial (next to my four sons), Ramit Sethi.

Peter Diamandis:

Exponential Technology
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Where the World Is Going
– Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space – In his collection of tech blogs, Peter writes about topics such as learning, how we are wiring our planet, AI and space and explains that we have a responsibility for guiding this change.

Programs and Presentations

Top 25 TED Talks You Must Watch: Amazing, Inspiring and Unique
– If you find yourself pondering how your business can start making more of the impossible possible, there’s the top 25 most watched TED Talks to elevate both your attitude and altitude of thinking.

Victoria Labalme on Taking Risks – TED Talk
– A short and sweet TED Talk from one of our very good friends, Victoria Labalme, on a very provocative hypothesis of thinking differently about taking risks.

Roger Love on Mastering Your Voice – TED Talk
– A mentor of mine, who is the preeminent verbal strategist in the world, Roger Love’s TED talk, “Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?” challenges you to think differently about how the world hears you.

4-Hour Round Robin Q&A Super-Session
– A powerful 4-hour session from a Paris presentation I conducted to a group of 500 entrepreneurs. (English translation provided)

Full Day 18-Person Makeover Sessions
– Done in Beaver Creek Colorado – through translation with French entrepreneurs.

My Life in Marketing
– A funny, fascinating, and frank seminar I conducted 20+ years ago – where I share my experiences, trials, tribulations and identify the activities that forged the belief systems I followed, believed in religiously – and wanted ever-so-badly to share. You’ll laugh your butt off seeing the raw and wild 1991 version of me – but, at the risk of embarrassment and being laughed at, I feel that even now, 20 years later, it’s worth a watch.

Connor Blakely’s Presentation
– We mentor a young man (and when I say young I mean he’s only 17 years old) named Connor Blakely who is a GenZ Marketing and Branding Specialist. Some major corporations hire Connor to share his perspectives, so I thought you would be interested in his point of view as well.

A Collection of Deep-Dive Mini-Makeovers with 600 Italian Entrepreneurs:

Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 1
Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 2
Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 3
Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 4
Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 5
Frank Meranda Italy Video Session Italy (2016) – Session 6

– You’ll quickly see that no matter the country or language, an entrepreneur’s problems, hopes, dreams, and purpose are all the same. The only problem is (and this will either make you laugh or cry in frustration) that the videos are answers only! That is unless you speak Italian… It is still fun to watch, listen to the answers, then fill-in your own questions… or make a game of it and have all your friends over, see who can guess the best question to fit the upcoming answer!

The Tokyo Connection:

This is a two-part series from a 2,000-person conference I recently did in Tokyo. Plus, I did a $6,000 per person question/answer session. Normally they attract larger more extensive businesses and richer questions. That stated, this one drew a smaller sector of entrepreneurs with very different “self-actualization” questions. Not my typical audience… But it was interesting and instructional to see how a different culture thinks about these types of issues. It’s far different than the kind of issues I do privately – or even the problems and challenges I do when collaborating with colleagues such as Tony Robbins on his platinum partner’s issues. Although it is different, it really is worth watching – if for no other reason than a humanity based curiosity. And, perhaps doing so will give you a fresh perspective on the many different ways others see life.

Day One – Part One of The Tokyo Connection
Day One – Part Two of The Tokyo Connection
Day Two of the Tokyo Connection
Bonus Presentation from Tokyo

– My wish for Japanese entrepreneurs and salaried employees – It’s a real tear-jerker – literally. In this presentation on my recent trip to Tokyo, I felt trusted enough by those attending to “take off the gloves” and share exactly, unhedgingly, and somewhat abrasively – what I so badly hoped they would each do – immediately, to transform the quality of their lives, careers, enterprises, relationships. I thought I might be booed or egged or castigated by the audience and promoter, and that they both might all storm the stage – pelting me with insults and coke cans. But instead, half the audience broke into tears. All stood up and thanked me. So, I thought: wow, if it impacted them that much – maybe there was at least a nugget or two in that video you would appreciate, too.

Additional Resources

Million Dollar Mailings – Book by Denny Hatch
– Denny Hatch is probably THE most knowledgeable man alive when it comes to direct marketing. He compiled a legendary, oversized reference book that sold for $200 20 years ago – called Million Dollar Mailings. The book is a comprehensive case study examination of around four dozen of the greatest enduring mailing pieces of all time – broken down into B2B, consumer, and fundraiser.

10,000 Winning Headlines Collection
– Our latest updated compendium of 10,000 separate headlines. Certainly, all aren’t golden, but a surprisingly large number can be adapted, adopted, and modified to whatever marketing endeavors you pursue. Please enjoy carefully reviewing each headline slowly, methodically, and reflectively. Just immersing yourself in this collection daily is guaranteed to open up vast windows of possibility you’d never considered applying before.

Earl Nightingale’s Summary of The Strangest Secret.
– A classic summary of a legendary book called The Strangest Secret. What makes the summary so profound is that it’s done by Earl Nightingale, and his voice sounds like God disseminating The Ten Commandments on the mountain to Moses. I’m not going to tell you what it covers; Google it, and you’ll see why it is profoundly revered and has been for decades.

56 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time
– A collection of really uplifting songs to get that mojo of yours reinvigorated.

The Most Influential People of All Time
– If you want to look like a history minutiae expert in front of all your friends – here’s a list of some of the most influential people of all time (a few are abhorrent, but most are unimaginable positive achievers).

Jay on Thinking Differently
– An approximately 15-minute, 2-question answer I gave a program participant last week on how and why I’m able to think so decisively different than anyone else – and how YOU can do it too.

“7-1/2 Minutes of Clarity”
– I conducted a world-wide problem-solving group in which physician from Australia caught me totally off guard, with a profoundly startling question. She unexpectedly shocked me SO much – that, I defaulted right into the zone and allowed my subconscious mind to take over my answer. It really sums up my unique philosophy on life and business, while explaining and dimensionalizing why I’m so committed to the Socratic method of communication.

Summary Eugene Schwartz’s Book, Breakthrough Advertising
– An outrageously wonderful summary that someone unknown did of one of the greatest direct marketing books ever written: Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising – which, by the way, my dear friend Brian Kurtz is republishing. These notes take a highly-sophisticated, scientific methodology approach to creating ultra-winning direct response advertising, and distill it into wonderfully lucid context.

Three Chapters from David Goldsmith’s Deep (But Ultra-Illuminating) Book

Jay on What it Means to be an Entrepreneur

12 Days of Jay

– A haunting new holiday (sure to be classic) song – destined to become a platinum record as people go viral with its message.

Two Perspectives on How My Strategies Have Been Applied:

The Quick Overview | The Deeper Perspective

– The first is an overview, with a few examples, of how my strategies can be applied in multiple industries – drafted for a major business publication. The second is a much deeper perspective from a client of mine on how he applied many of my strategies to one specific industry.

Carlos Gone Wild

Carlos Dias, a very qualitative business partner of mine, has an impressive background in corporate and the larger entrepreneurial world. He ran Adidas and Speedo in Latin America. He was the licensing representative for Latin America for 75 different, prestigious French brands, including Louis Vuitton, and La Chemise Lacoste. He ran a very successful strategy-based consultancy that had clients all over the world, such as Toyota and other major manufacturers. That said, I think you would benefit enormously by having a “Super Dose of Carlos” to orient yourself, and demonstrate to you what an original and powerful thinker this man really is:

The CEO Who Sees Around Corners – Book by Carlos and Jay
– A book we co-authored – It’s disarmingly simple but powerful in its insight, message, ideas, and instruction.

Reshaping Your Business Future – Program Session
– A fast-paced audio from a session Carlos did with me about a year ago for one of my elite programs called Reshaping Your Business Future. (Please note there are certain resources that are promised to that group that are NOT valid for the purposes of this gift).

Insights from Carlos – LA Super Seminar
– A highlight reel of some of the more profound insights Carlos made as a co-presenter with me at a special, one-of-a-kind super seminar we gave to a sold-out crowd in Los Angeles.

Insights from Carlos – Power Practice Seminar
– Another highlight video of Carlos presenting at this year’s Power Practice intensive seminar.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast

With the recent re-launch of my Ultimate Entrepreneur podcast series – I’ve been on a mission to provide the utmost value imaginable in the form of a podcast. We kicked it off with a powerful and unique series I did in collaboration with Dave Asprey of Bulletproof coffee, and since then it has only grown. We’ve got plenty of exciting new episodes, and series lined up for you, but for now please enjoy the two latest series.

The following link will take you to a webpage that hosts all of our podcast episodes – and descriptions for each of our recent series are provided below:

Click Here to Access The Episodes

Entrepreneur Disrupted with Dave Asprey

(Episodes 88-105)
– I’d like to introduce to you a series I have conducted with the founder of BulletProof Coffee, Dave Asprey, where we’re going to dive deep and fill your mind with incredibly profound and actionable advice about the most important key factors of entrepreneurship. We cover mindsets, ideas, building an unstoppable team, innovation, industry disruption, and so much more. What we have here is essentially a master-class, one that will arm you with the tools to be the most profound and effective entrepreneur that you can possibly be.

Q&A with Jay Series

(Episodes 106-113)
– This dynamic, short series – comprised of highlights from the Q&A session calls I conduct with my wide-ranging, multi-industry spanning array of clients – is a gathering of eclectic minds from all sorts of backgrounds and geographies, asking questions aimed at solving the obstacles within their varying businesses. You will likely hear questions to problems that apply directly to you and your industry, but hopefully, you’ll pay attention to the issues and solutions within the industries outside of what you do. There is great power in having a well rounded, 360 degrees viewpoint, and oftentimes the largest successes in business can be the direct result of applying methodologies from completely unrelated fields.

If you like this resource and would like to know how you can access more of Jay’s thinking through his programs or private consulting, CLICK HERE to book time with one of Jay’s product specialists.

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