I have been reflecting deeply about this generation and the issues, challenges, and opportunities they represent. In that process, I’ve become unstoppably focused on the millennials lately — both how to meaningfully impact them, as well as how to hire, motivate, maximize and manage millennial talent.

The result is I’ve now done a wide spectrum of interviews with prominent millennial influencers, and have been moderator of deep discussions on the subject. I’ve become enthralled with contributing enormous perspective to help millennial fulfill their maximum potential.

And it’s not all just for the millennials either. Any entrepreneur looking to learn how to recruit, grow, develop, and harness the enormous capacity millennials have to contribute – along with learn how differently millennials need to be marketed to – will benefit enormously.

So, here is the collection of some of the more interesting and provocative discussions I have had along with the interviews, articles, and videos they have spawned.

Millennials and Gen X are a huge facet of our changing business dynamics. You’ll either own that dynamic— or it will control you. You choose.

Gerard Adams Interview

Matyniyahu Goren Interview

Jay’s Interview with Lewis Howes

How To Fix The Emerging Leadership Crisis With Jay Abraham – Tayo Rockson, UYD Media

How To Get Investors, Co-founders, Resource Providers-galore – Listen to Jay’s presentation for the Thiel Fellowship, and/or download the transcript

Executive Coach Jay Abraham Discusses Turning Other People’s Challenges Into Your Own Opportunities, Forbes, Daymond John

Interview of Jay from Ramit Sethi’s Brain Trust 

Meet My Mentor, Jay Abraham – I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi

Brink Of Midnight Podcast – #22 Jay Abraham – John Brenkus

Ashley Stahl video interview of Jay 

The Keys To Achieving Greatness – Episode #218 – Niyi Sobo

Best Business Advice From Jay Abraham – Oliver Talamayan

How You Can Massively Shift Your Mindset, Business And Impact The World – Joe Polish, Daymond John & Jay Abraham

What Makes A Business Successful – Bold Biz TV: Jay Abraham – Founder And CEO Of The Abraham Group, Inc., New York Interview, November 14, 2017 – With David Grasso and Sara Hill

The Single Secret To Preeminence, According To Jay Abraham: Think Differently Forbes Magazine, Cheryl Conner

Billionaire Mentor Jay Abraham On How To Be The Ultimate Entrepreneur Inc. Magazine, Tracy Hazzard

A Q&A With Jay Abraham: Advice From Creating $21.7 Billion In Growth Huffington Post, Adam Siddiq

7 Time-Tested Rules For Marketing And Growing Your Business, Entrepreneur Magazine

Funnel Magazine and Hawk Interview

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