50 Shades of Jay # 40 – The Many Faces of Jay: A Virtual Exhibition

I hope you are ready because you’re about to see OVER 60 full-length presentations, sessions, interviews, and special examinations into the progressive phases and stages of my life as a strategic marketing business builder.

I’ve chosen a wide array of resources to share: including a video segment from a full-sized, 3-day, $5,000 program we did in the 90’s, interviews of me that became legendary, 60-240 minutes of unedited presentations I’ve done for a rather eclectic array of industry groups, interviews of me from vantage points and iconic celebrities, different specialty groups, the classic proprietary methodology I first introduced, or at least reintroduced, to the business world.

We’ve also included some surprises in this exciting 40th edition of the Shades of Jay – I hope you enjoy!


Interview for Japanese Magazine
Nick Nanton Interview
Ashley Stahl video interview of Jay    + Ashley Stahl Endorsement for Jay
Jay Abraham on I Love Marketing
Willie Jolley Interview  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3
Nightingale Conant Interview
Stephen R. Covey Interview  Part 1  |  Part 2
Jay Abraham Interviewing Fran Tarkenton
Fran Tarkenton interviewing Jay Abraham
Ramit Sethi Video with Jay
Jay Abraham on How to 10X Your Business with Lewis Howes
Grant Cardone interviews Jay at 10x Growth Con
Brink of Midnight interview with Jay Abraham

Books & Articles

The Four Steps to Achieving Greatness, by Jay Abraham as seen in InsuranceNews Net Magazine
The Preeminent Advisor by Jay Abraham Feature Article
Jay’s article on Forbes.com, detailing his involvement with Daymond John’s “The Power of Broke” book project
Jay’s Your Secret Wealth Book
Chapter from Daymond John’s book The Power Of Broke
Chapter from Best Selling Book Jay contributed to On Passion Test
The Admiral Byrd Society chapter excerpt from Secrets Of Successful Direct Mail

Carlos Dias Videos

The Secret Differentiator of Great Companies
How to Overcome Stumbling Blocks in Your Business
Carlos Dias Skype interview
Carlos at the Power Practice event
Carlos at Super Seminar

Dave Asprey Podcasts

Entrepreneur Disrupted – #1: Disruption
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #2: Ideas
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #3: Disruptive Business Models (Pt. 1)
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #4: Disruptive Business Models (Pt. 2)
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #5: Hiring
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #6: Firing
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #7: Interviewing
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #8: Outsourcing
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #9: Bonus Plans
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #10: Compensation
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #11: How (And When) to Incentivize
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #12: Hack Your Employees’ Brains
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #13: Pivoting
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #14: Disruptive Business Growth – Pt 1
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #15: Disruptive Business Growth – Pt 2
Entrepreneur Disrupted – #16: Facebook Q&A
Dave Asprey Video Interview of Jay

Experts On Crowdfunding

Fran Tarkenton
Kevin Harrington
Jeffrey W. Hayzlett
Greg Link & Stephen M. R. Covey 
Michael Gerber
Tim Ferriss

Audios & Videos

Recent fast paced Q & A call with Jay Abraham
Leverage Marketing Call
Ashley Furniture – Tampa Presentation 2017 (Preeminence) 
iPro Network 
Daymond and Jay from Genius Network – Bonus Day
Thiel Fellowship Video and Transcript
JT Foxx Power Partnering Videos
Jay in Vienna 2017 (Preeminence)
Jay Abraham’s Presentation at Genius Network® Event  + Notes On Thinking Differently
My Life In Marketing


15 specific Barter Strategies
Barter Barron Book
Barter Video

Interviews on Leadership with Robert Hargrove

Gary Hamel Interview
David Petraeus Interview
Heather Grady Interview

Jay at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Events

Jay interviewing Tony Robbins ORIGINAL interview from 20 years ago  Audio  |  Transcript
Tony Robbins interviewing Jay ORIGINAL interview from 20 years ago  Audio  |  Transcript
Jay at BM Florida 2015
Jay speaking at Tony Robbins BM Vegas
Tony Robbins – Business Mastery – Day 5
2017 Sydney Australia (Q&A) Skype call with Jay at BM

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