Two of the biggest thinkers on the entire planet – two of the biggest doers, game-changers, iconic people who have impacted hundreds of millions (conceivably nearly a billion people together) are Anthony Robbins and Peter Diamandis. Within this special elite shade lies an interview where Joe Polish brings forth the genius of these two exceptional men.

Joe is the conductor/maestro of this fast-paced, nonstop exchange of outsize ideas, insights, implications, and entirely new slants on what your worldview should be. I commend you to watch it – twice. First, view it by yourself, and deeply reflect on the insights and epiphanies you experience. The second time, view it with staff, young adult children, valued friends, and of course, your significant others. I promise this video WILL rock your boat, animate your sense of what’s really possible, and eradicate totally any ambivalence, apathy, or complacency you may be unknowingly harboring. This double-interview is guaranteed to get your mind going and growing at warp speed!

Joe Polish / Tony Robbins / Peter Diamandis… Expanding Your Worldview

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