50 Shades of Jay # 39 – Critical Thinking And Socratic Interviewing Shade

I’ve put together a collection of resources for shade #39 that are designed to install and instill within you the power of critical thinking and Socratic interviewing.

Critical thinking is the mental process associated with accuracy, logic, depth, fairness, credibility, and intellectual clarity. The word “critical” is not used to imply negativity or pessimism; critical thinking means that one must not automatically accept the validity of the information he or she is given but rather to question/examine/reflect upon as many possible alternatives available before taking action. Socratic interviewing is a disciplined question asking process. The key to distinguishing Socratic interviewing from basic question asking is that Socratic questioning is systematic, disciplined, deep, and usually focuses on fundamental concepts, principles, theories, or problems.

Grasping the concepts of critical thinking and Socratic interviewing will recalibrate the way you think/transact which can result in growth your business in orders of magnitude. Enjoy the following resources and dedicate as much time as possible to master these fine skills, your rewards will be exponential.

Part 1 – Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing

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Recording of Jay’s Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing

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Slides from Jay’s Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing Presentation

Jay’s Critical Thinking and Socratic Seminar

Part 2 – Provocative Questions

Here are some high-level questions to ask yourself to jump start better critical thinking.

1. Is there a better way to be growing my business?
2. Is there a better way to position my company in the marketplace?
3. Is there a better way to describe my unique selling proposition?
4. Is there a better way to price my products?
5. Is there a better market or niche to go after?
6. Is there a more predictable way to increase sales?
7. Is there a way to accelerate the buying cycle for my prospects?
8. Is there a better way to bundle my product?
9. Is there a better way to generate repeat sales?
10. How can I use the strategy of preeminence to enhance everything my company does, and every interaction it makes with the external market or my internal team?
11. Are there better ways to leverage technology?
12. Are there better ways to leverage other peoples resources?
13. Are the better ways to redeploy old inventory, assets, and resources?
14. Am I asking the right questions in my business?
15. Am I asking my market the right questions?
16. Am I asking the market what they want instead of telling them?
17. Am I in the right business?
18. Am I working with the right people?
19. Am I striving to learn and grow every day?

Part 3 – Asking Critical Business Questions

How to Get the Most Out of Asking Critical Business Questions

Download the PDF

How to Ask Critical Business Questions

Part 4 – The Strategy Of Preeminence

To help optimize your critical thinking and asking socratic questioning skills, I encourage you to invest a few hours and study/restudy my work on preeminence. For your convenience, here are a handful of resources on the topic.

Click Here To Download Advanced Strategy of Preeminence PDF

Jay’s Explains The Strategy Of Preeminence

Jay’s Explains The Strategy Of Preeminence At the Fitness Business Summit

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