Two of the biggest thinkers on the entire planet, two of the biggest doers, game-changers, iconic people who have impacted – – hundreds of millions (conceivably nearly a billion people together) – – are Anthony Robbins and Peter Diamandis.

I could give both a long and glorious introduction (that’s well deserved), but I won’t. Look them up if you don’t know their stature and breakthrough achievements. They are eachaccomplishing unimaginable feats in everything from solving poverty, mining asteroids in space, building the world’s largest genome sequencing laboratory, stimulating unimaginable discovery, achievement, and possibility creation in a multitude of industries and life areas.

All that said, I am friends with both. But I’m really good friends with Joe Polish, creator of the Genius Network and 25K Group.

Each year, Joe orchestrates an unclassifiably impressive 2-day encounter with some of the brightest, most evolved and expanded (and mammoth) minds in their fields.

His members pay $25,000 to attend an experience where Joe masterfully draws out of these true geniuses – – wildly original thinking on an utterly dizzying array of topics that are totally undervalued, overlooked, under-appreciated by most entrepreneurs.

That stated, this year’s keynote was a “DOUBLE-FEATURE” pitch-and-catch session between Tony and Peter, with Joe being the conductor/maestro of this fast-paced, nonstop exchange of outsize ideas, insights, implications, and entirely new slants on what your worldview should be.

Tony is a great friend. Upon viewing a private screening of the approximately 60-minute video, I asked him for permission to share it as a “Shade.”

However, it’s too powerful, provocative, profound a discussion to be relegated to a mere average “Shade.”

So I’m calling “Encounter with Tony/Peter and Joe” a special, elite, edition of the “50 Shades of Jay”, and it’s devoid of a number.

It’s now up on the “Shade” page, and I commend you to watch it – – twice. First, view it by yourself, and deeply reflect on the insights and epiphanies you experience. The second time, view it with staff, young adult children, valued friends, and of course, your significant others.

I promise: this video WILL rock your boat, animate your sense of what’s really possible – – eradicate totally any ambivalence, apathy, or complacency you may be unknowingly harboring. This double-interview is guaranteed to get your mind… going and growing… at warp speed!

View it to see that everything I’m stating is correct.



P.S. Of course, it sells nothing but it does contain… 

  • The biggest and boldest initiatives Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis are working on. 
  • How Tony is disrupting the financial industry while partnering with Feeding America to help provide 100 million meals to families in need. 
  • Peter sharing how he’s helping solve humanity’s grand challenges with XPrize, Planetary Resources, and Human Longevity. 
  • The Psychology of Transformation:  How to achieve what most people consider “impossible.” 
  • Three Secrets to creating a breakthrough in any area of your life. 
  • The Myth of Sacrifice: How to contribute your greatest value in the world, focus on your highest calling, and have a blast doing it. 
  • Why work-life balance is an illusion and the power of life-work integration. 
  • Two skills you need for achieving an extraordinary quality of life. 
  • Tony revealing his core belief that drives him to help people all over the world. 
  • How to prime and wire yourself for success, opportunity, impact, and happiness. 
  • One simple antidote to anger and fear that works anytime, anywhere. 
  • Where all suffering comes from and the #1 secret to leading and living a magnificent life. 
  • How Tony and Peter Deal with, think about, handle and channel extreme levels of stress, adversity, criticism, public opinion, and failure. 
  • The Tyranny of “How:” Focusing on “What”, “Why” and inspiring everyone around you. 
  • 10x bigger: Peter sharing how to let go of the past, reinvent the way you look at life, surround yourself with big thinkers and catapult your future results. 
  • Peter explaining the difference between The Giving Pledge and The Impact Pledge. 
  • The five letter word for understanding, appreciating, transforming and enjoying your life at the deepest level.