The last three months I’ve been in nine countries (I know, I’ve mentioned this already a couple times — but bear with me!): Twice in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Italy, ShangHai and twice in London. Almost all of these trips were done so I could do either Hot Seats, Problem-Solving Clinics, Challenge Resolution, Opportunity Strategizing, and/or Situation-specific Interventions.

Interestingly, the spectrum of audiences I addressed in each country differed — from extremely large enterprises in China, mid-sized in Italy, specialty services in Puerto Rico, and small- to medium-sized enterprises in London (the second time). The first time was large.

Zeroing in on the last trip — I did almost 6 hours of strategic perspectives and Q&A. It was exceptionally well received.

My host took video of both days — my staff cleaned it up a bit (still a little raw) and broke them into three parts.

Three – – approx. five hours total — are up on the 50 Shades website. We’re calling it “London Broil,” because I tend to be direct, highly-focused, non-theoretical, no-nonsense, and somewhat “attitudinally aggressive” when I’m in makeover mode.

We’ve decided to make each part a Shade.

So Shade 25 is Part One, Shade 26 is Part Two, and Shade 27 is Part Three.

Again, this is a Shade and sells nothing. Enjoy it over the holidays with my compliments!


One More Thing — we’re going to extend a handful of different limited edition/limited production specialty commercial propositions over the holiday period. I think you’ll enjoy seeing what I’m doing in each endeavor – – whether you avail yourself of any, all, or none. 
The London videos are truly intriguing.