Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you can be sure I won’t be letting you off without giving you my thanks.

What I’m thankful for is each-and-every one of you – growth minded entrepreneurs – who follow and apply my strategies, methodologies, and wisdom to reach unbounded business growth, increase performance in all areas of your life, and most importantly – have the prowess to provide peerless value to become the most trusted advisor in your realm.

But saying thanks with words just isn’t enough.

I’ve got a wonderfully MASSIVE Thanksgiving Week Shade of Jay in honor of the Preeminence theme, which features a compilation of some of the most powerful content I’ve done on Preeminence throughout the past year called Preeminence or Bust!

Think of this as the appetizer before the main course.

Here we go…

My Preeminence Keynote for the Advisor 2017 Super Conference:

A keynote presentation I did at the Advisor 2017 Super Conference. It’s not only incredibly powerful – but also quite fun. You can really see, and feel, my passion and joy for value-creation shine in this one. I lay down what essentially becomes a rapid-fire, distilled course on my Strategy of Preeminence – it covers:

  • Value – Ensuring the value you’re providing is not what you consider value, but rather what your client, market, industry, or audience perceives as value;
  • Empathy and Understanding – How to cultivate empathy and better understand the needs of your clients and market;
  • Analogy over Esoterica – Why your message means nothing unless it has impact;
    Transforming Lives – Harnessing your power to transform lives through the consultative selling process.

An Interesting New Interview of Me with Modest Questions and Mammoth Answers:

The following interview with Arthur Robinson is a wonderful object lesson on how to take charge of a relatively simple interview and spinning it/ slicing it/ dicing it and putting it into an intellectual centrifuge that whips it into something quite different then the directional outcome it could have taken. I think you will enjoy listening to the answers – including:

My beginnings and rise to Preeminence – How I developed my skills and perspectives;
What I have learned – How I applied from my experience in countless industries;
Habits of successful entrepreneurs – How to be a value creator or detector.

6-Minute Teaser-Clip for an Upcoming Interview of Me:

A very short clip from an insightful interview of me explaining the daily routines and habits that keep me on top of my game. In these action-packed 6-minutes, I disseminate my utilization of people power, how I keep myself rooted, and how I handle and understand the insane variety of diverse clients and partners I serve from all sorts of unique worlds and sectors.

And since this Shade is so heavily themed with Preeminence, I couldn’t help myself and feel I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t also include the four incredibly poignant and powerful presentations I recently released on Preeminence. I realize you may have already viewed them, as they were included in my recent “Many Faces of Jay” Shade, but rest assured they will be even more powerful when grouped with the above content.

Well, that’s it… for now. Again, please enjoy Shade #41 – Preeminence or Bust and keep a look out for the Thanksgiving collection I have in store for you.