When you are fortunate to remain relevant in a multiplicity of business worlds and a broad segment of the entrepreneurial world for nearly four decades – you must continually evolve and keep evolving at a level, dimension, altitude, and attitude others can’t fathom.

I have transcended from performance-based consulting to seminars, and from seminars to diversely sophisticated, high-level, long-term strategic marketing masterminding/ makeovers – serving as a long-term, masterful-thinking partner and strategic advisor – and then into more significant-sized businesses to untangle Gordian knots no one else could figure out.

I truly love and appreciate the expanded market dimension, strategic perception, and vast business comprehension I have gained over my career. Truthfully, every new industry or business scenario I get exposed to – be it here, in Europe, Asia, or Latin America – explodes my existing knowledge base upward by orders of magnitude – which means my mind keeps expanding as the knowledge base within keeps multiplying – and it multiplies by outsized levels.

I therefore thought that today may be a good time to bring you “up-to-date” on The Many Faces of Jay in a way you’d enjoy – for weeks to come.

So, think of what I’m about to do as a living art exhibit – because the body of work I’ve created over four decades keeps growing and evolving and gaining far more depth and breadth of usefulness to the ever-expanding span of entrepreneurs and industries I now service.

I hope you are ready because you’re about to see OVER 60full-length presentations, sessions, interviews, and special examinations into the progressive phases AND STAGES of my life as a strategic marketing business builder…

…I’ve chosen a wide array of resources including: a video segment from a full-sized, 3-day, $5,000 program we did in the 90’s, interviews of me that became legendary, 60-240 minutes of unedited presentations I’ve done for a rather eclectic array of industry groups…

…Interviews of me from vantage points and iconic celebrities, different specialty groups, the classic proprietary methodology I first introduced, or at least reintroduced, to the business world.

We’ve also included some surprises! Here are a just a few of the assets you will find in my special Shades of Jay collection, I call “The Many Faces of Jay…”

  • A presentation I did last week for 500 premier financial service top performers in Dallas.
  • An interview I did for Nick Nanton – three-time Emmy Award winning, docu-movie Producer/Director who is doing a full-length movie on my career, influence, ideology, and the impact of my philosophies, likeThe Strategy of Preeminence.
  • An interview with Ashley Stahl, that’s coming out in a few months in a more edited format on how millennials can get better jobs, secure greater growth/earning potential, and add more value to their workplace world.
    Next, a wildly introspective interview on my crazy, mad scientist side from Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee and Bulletproof Radio fame, along with:
  • A mulit-part, special edition podcast series Dave and I did together for my CBS Play.it show, “The Ultimate Entrepreneur.” We call this series “Entrepreneur Disrupted”– where each episode addresses a separate issue on how to disrupt your business, market, and YOUR own thinking.
  • A very popular interview Lewis Howes, of iconic podcast “The School of Greatness” did of me that generated massive positive feedback – this includes both the audio and transcript.

NEXT: Forbes.com ran a front-page video interview of me and Daymond John – a very interesting, short primer. Correspondingly, Daymond featured me in his mega-best-selling book, The Power of Broke– with both a major half chapter and special distinctive acknowledgment at the back.

NEXT: I did a few powerhouse sessions in Europe this past summer:

  • 1-1/2 hours on the mind of a “3-D” strategic entrepreneur at Tony Robbins’ Amsterdam Business Mastery;
  • A 3-hour deep explorative on How to Become An Absolute “Go-To” Maven In Your Market or Niche;
  • A 3-hour “Special Edition,” extended version of Preeminence – focused on an industry I rarely talk to – where the insights and epiphanies at the end were mind-blowing…


Also, a famous 3-hour segment I conducted in the early stages of my seminar career called “My Life InMarketing,” where I chronicle all the experiences I’d encountered up until that time and the profound impact and realizations those activities forged in me. This video stops 24-years short of a massive suite of distinctions, realization concepts, correlations, and strategies I’ve created in doing self-examinations.

In Summary: By the time you get through the magnitude of content…

You’ll be able to gain a CAT Scan perspective on where I’ve been both ideologically, philosophically, methodologically, and my current worldview.

I hope my Many Faces and Facets give you inspiration, more aspiration, and a ton more animated sense of possibility.


PS – Or better yet… Fair Warning!

Because of the magnitude of content in this collection, we didn’t provide descriptions of each resource — otherwise the landing page would’ve been 20 pages long! So think of this as an adventure and explore till your heart is content.

If that isn’t for you… you know what they say, “You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make them drink it.” — In this case, we have provided you with the content that can quench your intellectual thirst… but we can’t make you drink it. For those ofyou adventurous enough to jump in!