So the online world keeps wondering: What in the world is Jay’s ultimate strategy behind his outrageous gifting of such wonderful content – – without requiring an opt-in, without trying to sell anything?

Well, guess what? My method is so straightforward and honorable – – it shocks all the online marketers (who turn EVERY communication, every e-mail, every webinar, and every free report into a crass, self-serving sales attempt.)

Look, I went through my info marketing days a decade and $250 million dollars of sales ago.

I know how to use information/ gifting/ etc. to manipulate big sales.

But I prefer being seen and serving as THE champion/ advocate/ biggest fan of the beleaguered AND deserving entrepreneur.

In reality, most of you are frankly (but respectfully) too small to be fee paying clients. Similarly, you’re not big enough to be profit sharing clients.

But MY attitude is very pragmatic: if you can’t afford to invest in me right now – – I can afford to generously invest in you. So I do.

I’ve found over many years of being an entrepreneurial benefactor that many of you take my freely gifted resources, use them mightily, and grow to the point and size that you can readily afford investing in either my higher priced personal or group services – – since many of you end up paying for these programs from a small portion of the profit increases gained from my resources…

In this case, my resources have then earned your trust and respect before you ever invest a dime.

Some don’t grow that big, but they refer me constantly to larger, quality businesses they know, and again I benefit.

Sometimes you are already a large and desirable company, but you need proof/ confirmation/ certainty that I CAN help your business grow/ prosper/ compete more formidably.

Buying you all so much of my intellectual property is (in my opinion) the most astute investment I could make for both sides.

You see – – mutual self-interest is THE greatest motivator of all!

So in answering the question, “What’s Jay’s ulterior motive?”

The answer is simple: The betterment of one another!

That’s it. I have nothing else to say in this discussion except that I love passionate entrepreneurs who possess drive, purpose, and a clear sense of possibility.

My motive is nothing more (or less) than contributing to your business betterment – – and ultimately helping you reach the greatness you deserve.

That, my friend, is it – – no other motives.

So in honor of my commitment to contributing to your business betterment, I have had my research team put together 70 of the more thought provoking “Non-Shade” contributions I’ve made over the past year and compile them into Shade 38: The Non-Shade Shade for your convenience.

They are a labor of love that I truly hope you will be inspired by and may even learn something new from, at least a few of them.

Please enjoy all of these little treasure troves…