I love unconventional, nonlinear, contrarian thinkers – – whose perspectives prove out, time and time again. Many, if not every one of us, can learn from by studying these mammoth minds, whose ideology and philosophy is usually unimaginably simple – – AND more obvious AND logical than the status quo.

Well, coach John Wooden (the winningest coach in basketball history) was among the finest minds in the world of quality high, sustainable performance – – as well as someone renowned for building better character, ethical compasses, and collaborative mindsets in his team than any coach before (or after)!

The whole world loved how Coach Wooden played the game of basketball, as well as the game of building young men’s character, values, and permanent, integral way of living their lives.

What they admired and respected most was Wooden’s belief system: you see he did NOT believe his players should worry about competing with their opponent or the opposing team.

Rather, Wooden’s belief was that you competed each and every day, to make yourself AND your team better – – for if you did, that you would grow in skill, collaboration, and shared purpose etc. at a level that is orders of magnitude beyond those who opposed you.

Tony Robbins does one of the finest, most penetrating, stimulating, and thought-provoking two-hour long deep-dive interviews on personal values with John Wooden. It is considered a legendary classic.

I asked Tony for permission to share this interview, and he agreed.

I promised it would be exposed ONLY to people in business who already were striving for preeminence, entrepreneurs who were dedicated to being huge value creators for their market and team and/multipliers of contribution, not diminishes. Tony liked that and agreed that the John Wooden interview represented THE perfect catapult to raise your own personal standards for yourself and others.

I’ve taken the liberty of including two separate wonderful articles about coach John Wooden and his ideas and ideals – – you are welcome to read both FIRST – – before you decide whether to invest 120 minutes listening to the audio with Tony and the coach.

Here they are:

Now if you’re game, go to Shade #36 to listen to this two-hour penetrating interview between Tony Robbins and Coach John Wooden.

One more surprise, and I think you’ll enjoy it…

I did a special interview in English for my upcoming presentation in Paris.

I had our curriculum director review it to see IF I presented some powerful perspectives that were worthy of sharing.

Here’re HIS notes on what to expect:

  • What good marketing is, from Jay’s unique point-of-view.
  • How and why to adopt the mindset shift of being an entrepreneur.
  • The difference between being tactical and strategic.
  • Maximize what you are doing first, and then multiply.
  • 3 ways to grow your business
  • The Abraham Optimization System and how much MORE is possible – – with examples.
  • Using The Abraham Preeminence System to catapult yourself to greatness – – with examples.
  • How The Abraham Relationship System can escalate a business massively – – with many examples.

And here is the Paris interview for your review…