This is a fun one to write, because I’m finally doing something eclectic I’ve wanted to do for years – – And, doing it in a wildly MORE eclectic way than anyone expects. Plus, I’m “maturing” and jumping into the digital world with my own unique approach.

So much for the intrigue. Here’s the “double scoop” (Sounds like Baskin Robbins!) and a sneak preview of everything:

I’ve wanted to do a bunch of blogs for a long while. However, I wasn’t disciplined. So none ever came out. That always perplexed me; because I had/have a lot of provocative/evocative things to say and share.

Problem solved: I just finished tying up arrangements with a rarefied collection of mammoth and complex thinkers to each do collaborative blogs with me or for me – – or for my perspective.

I’m calling the umbrella MEGA blog When The Mood Strikes because there will be different types of post, different versions from different perspective – –  that won’t be published at pre-set intervals.

You’ll have to keep checking the site to see when one or all of the new versions get published.

Currently, one version is going to be a fast-paced review of all the fun and diverse activities going on in my life at different intervals, always with big ideas, insights, and lessons that emanated from each of my zany and outrageous business adventures.

Another is a separate collaboration I’m doing with one of direct marketing’s richest, masterful and most articulate perspectives on the intersection of the offline/online world and what nobody still gets that needs to be understood and acted on.

It’s called “When Worlds Collide” and it’ll explore the intersection, differences, similarities, and immeasurable opportunities our brave new competitive marketing world has opened up.

The third is what I’ll call Surprise, Surprise, because literally it’ll be a different, far sighted, iconic and deep thinking collage with original material created just for me to share with you.

Next announcement isafter far too long, we’re changing our website for something far more impactful (and probably impressive), plus introducing a parallel website called JASI (Jay Abraham Strategy Institute) that’s a whole new dimension of me, elevated to a stratospheric level.

Because the official new sites won’t be ready for weeks – I’m linking you in Shade 34 to a fun array of sneak previews of a few of these different new blogs already awaiting your eager eyes.

Enjoy – – and there’s even bigger and better things to come!