Ray Dalio is #29 on the Forbes 400 list. He is the founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates, which now manages $155 billion.

He’s a wildly interesting man, and the guiding principles he’s developed to drive and manage the custodianship of $155 billion are – – well, they’re exquisitely impressive.

There are 210 principles articulated in an unimaginably thought-provoking, 123-page document he made publically available. 2,000,000 people have downloaded a copy.

I think you should be #2,000,001 – – and download a set for yourself – – then lock yourself and your key team members away somewhere – – so you can spend deeply reflective time examining one of the most powerfully disciplined, perceptive, insightful, mammothly successful, and super-logical business minds today.

The document must be downloaded from Bridgewater Associate’s website: http://www.bwater.com/Uploads/FileManager/Principles/Bridgewater-Associates-Ray-Dalio-Principles.pdf

For your convenience, we have also linked the Shade 32 button to the download link on Bridgewater Associates website.

I don’t benefit one iota from sharing this document. And, Ray Dalio is well above MY pay grade and social status (I wish I DID know the man!) I just admire profound critical thinkers and HE offers much to admire in his “Principles”document.

The titles of the three distinctive parts of Ray’s document are:

1) The Importance of Principles 
2) My Most Fundamental Life Principles 
3) My Management Principles

Again, you must download the full 123-page, “Principles” document from the Bridgewater Associates home page, no opt-in required — or by clicking on Shade 32.

Enjoy and think differently!