I’m a mad scientist and a marketing/strategic “savant.” I rarely pay attention to much else – – just ask my wife!

Anyhow, since we’ve started the Fifty Shades of Jay Project, we’ve attracted an enormous number of new enthusiasts, none of which were ever asked to opt-in to get anything.

Along the way, my staff and I put enormous focus on having fun creating new content and doing some good for entrepreneurs, meaning writing creative, (and hopefully entertaining,) e-mails that led to wonderful, full-length original resources that have never sold a thing.

Fifty Shades of Jay is a joyous project we are ALL proud to present – – and trust me, there are 19 more unimaginably cool shades forthcoming to quench your thirst for meaningful/actionable original business building knowledge.

That ALL said, my team has just realized that few of you new loyalists even realize that the Abraham.com site contains not one or two – – but something like 43 additional and unprecedented resources – – some hours long, others hundreds of richly instructional pages. A few are duplicate to the shades page – – but most aren’t.

In truth, we’ve probably unintentionally subordinated all these additional resources, by focusing so much energy and effort on coming up with killer shades every week or so. But it’s shameful on my/our part NOT to alert (and expose) you to all the additional “cool stuff” lying-in- wait to help you monetize your business–bigger and better—on the otherresource page.

Well, I’ve figured out a fun way to make sure you gain full exposure to those 43 additional resources, too.

I’m calling Shade #31 THE SUPER SHADE. It’s merely a no-brainer link on the shades page that takes you over to those other great resources—BTW, none of these additional resources sell anything either.

So go to the “Shades” resource here.. Click on Shade #31 The Super Shade and have a field day building your business.