As you may or may not know, I conduct and record to video a 2-hour group video conference-based consulting session every month for/with about 40 entrepreneurs throughout China.

This last week’s session was squarely focused on how entrepreneurs in a country suffering ruthless on-line and off-line competition, enduring a beleaguered economy – – with limited financial resources of their own to sell/market with – – could smash their generic competition into the ground.

We do these calls with slow and methodical communication. This isn’t only due to the translators and language barrier, but because every recommendation, transactional piece of advice, or strategic, hands-on instruction MUST be crystal clear, thoroughly actionable, and relevant to participants who represent over 25 different fields and industries.

I thought the session this week was useful enough that, I had our editor cut out the Chinese translation portions, and create a new, shorter, edited audio only version of JUST my instructions, recommendations and action-based advice.

I think you can benefit meaningfully from listening, too. So I’ve made the edited “Chinese New Year” session Shade #30.

Happy New Year (again) and, may the coming 11-1/2 months be your business’ most successful yet.