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Years ago, I created an enormously popular course with Nightingale-Conant, titled “Your Secret Wealth.” It deeply explored, examined, explained, and educated people to look deeply within themselves and their circumstances for hidden jackpots — both financial and personal. Very different slant than anything I’d done before or since. Geared for any entrepreneur, employee, manager, retired housewife or stay-at-home husband alike. 

It sold 70,000 copies and audio versions within one year. Then we “retired” it. But a few years ago, I commissioned a talented high-priced ghostwriter to turn the audio program into a rather provocative — and definitely unclassifiable book. But I declined ever selling it because it was so out of the realm of everything else I’m known for. 

But recently a friend asked to read it — I agreed. He loved it and encouraged me to release it to everybody. Because it has relevant and thought-provoking meaning to old and young, owner or employee, father, son, mother and daughter alike. 

Originally, it was intended to be a high priced product, but I can’t fathom selling it at all. Rather — I’m gifting it to you as Shade # 24. Hopefully, you’ll find it a more than worthwhile read. Hopefully, you will also pass it around to those it may benefit. BTW — It sells nothing. 

Click here for Shade 24.



P.S.  It’s 156 pages, and not light or fluffy.