Interestingly, when I embarked upon my odyssey into mentoring larger groups of entrepreneurs, I was probably a lot more “granular” and “clinical” in my analysis, explanations, and discovery of higher performing elements, factors, forces, and impact/leverage points that had the capacity of propelling a business’ results skyward.

Today I’m probably far more evolved, have unimaginably more hands-on, real-world experience, (literally on a world-wide basis,) and am operating with a much more elevated and transformed attitude and “act-itude” of thinking that’s far more strategic/macro than when I started.

That stated — a dear friend of mine, who happens to be a famous Fortune 500 celebrity CEO, did a speech at Dartmouth and used my Nine Drivers of Exponential Growth as part of his message. The audience, apparently, loved it.

In case you are unfamiliar with “The 9 Drivers,” I spent a year thinking about what were the specific drivers of astronomical revenue/sales growth, profit explosion, and market dominance — universally, for ANY business.

I reduced the key factors down to nine. Nine powerful “performance enhancement” elements in ANY business that — once recognized and maximized — can separately catapult tremendous improvement in performance/results, even if you mis-executed implementing them!

Anyhow, I wrote an elegant, sixteen-page executive summary that rather stunningly illuminates all the overlooked possibilities you have always had… and always will have… to leverage-up the performance, profitability and preeminence in your business — nine powerful ways.

By the way, the Nine Drivers of Exponential Growth are totally different from the Three Ways To Grow A Business. They are totally different than the Power Parthenon of Geometric Business, too.

In Shade 23, you will receive the detailed, sixteen-page overview of all Nine Drivers of Exponential Business Growth. Enjoy leveraging-up the results and performance yield of everything your business does — from now on.

One final point, and it’s vitally importantNothing in this document sells anything. There will be no Nine Drivers offer after this. It is simply being gifted to you here to contribute — to invest meaningfully in your business, successful future, and our relationship.

My only request — and it’s just that, a request (not a requirement) — is that you do two things. Firstly, pass my ideas (that you like) along to other entrepreneurs who CAN benefit. And secondly, when I DO make commercial offerings (which I will intermittently do when something is valuable, unique ultra-worthwhile,) please — respect my right to occasionally monetize the cost I incur providing all the riches, rewards, gratis content/deep resources I continuously, freely gift to you.

I don’t mind if you don’t respond to a commercial offer. But unsubscribing isn’t fair to the collaborative/trusting/respectful relationship (I think) exists between us. My offers are never intended for large audiences.

You know if they “speak to you”, animate your spirit or make your mind stretch — or not. If they do — respond. If not — don’t. Either way, my goal is to continue sending fabulous gratis gifts forever.

Thank you — and please enjoy my Nine Drivers Of Exponential Growth — gratis, and with no strings attached!

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