The entire concept behind “50 Shades of Jay” is to give you an enormous spectrum of insight and understanding into my life’s work – – and more importantly, my most salient perspectives and worldviews. 

A few days ago I sent 50 Shades of Jay – #3. It was two-part, with the second being a 90-minute dual session I did in Las Vegas with Tony Robbins at his Business Mastery Conclave. 

Well I’ve done three different versions of this process for Tony. Once a year ago in London, the one you saw a few days ago in the “50 Shades of Jay – #3 Email…” 

And, the version I did in late January in Palm Beach, Florida which was totally different for two interesting reasons:

  1. Tony wasn’t the collaborator interviewer. His Master of Ceremonies facilitates my session, because Tony was doing interviews on his new book.
  2. I pretty much was the total session – although the interview threw some worthy questions at me.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the video of that session too – – as a stimulating contrast. So it’s included here. 

But because it really IS a derivative of Shade #3 – – I’m calling it Shade 3.2 and not really counting it against the remaining 47 Shades I’ve promised to send. 

A number of colleagues who’ve viewed this second Tony Robbins Business Mastery Video have told me it’s a deeper, richer showcase of my latest thinking and strategic beliefs. 

Why not watch it, then decide for yourself? 

And please – – if it holds meaningful value – – Share it with as many other deserving people as possible who I wouldn’t be able to reach on my own. 

Enjoy Shade 3.2 – Me at the Tony Robbins January Palm Beach, Florida Business Mastery Session.