It’s been a long time coming. We had a fun and rather different experience two months ago in Puerto Rico. I was invited to co-keynote at an exclusive confab of world famous wedding/event planners who do $1,000,000+ weddings. 

I keynoted day one. Seth Godin keynoted day two. I keynoted a form of problem-solving on day three. 

The video of this encounter is rather unique for my style. I’ll let you review the internal comments our “Chief of Quality Content” sent before we chose it as a shade:

I thought the recording was very laid back yet powerful and concentrated. Laid back, (in a good way,) in the sense that the environment and setting created an interesting yet different atmosphere than how most people see Jay speak. The following key points stood out for me but please note that there were way more that I did not include in this list:

  1. Divide and conquer and polarization.
  2. Referrals, you have got to believe you deserve it.
  3. Leadership & empathy = preeminence
  4. See yourself as a constant value creator for others
  5. I love the Sheraton story (the most interesting person in the room)
  6. When you only eat when you earn, you learn what works and what doesn’t work and what works better
  7. People took interest in me because I was not a threat
  8. The quality of the questions you ask determine the quality of your outcome in business and life.
  9. When you realize how much more is possible from time, effort, access, opportunity & capital the right question is not am I worthy of this goal but is this goal worthy of me?
  10. Jay was curious, interested and asked very good questions around mentors.
  11. Jay gets educated in the process of contributing.

Overall, I think this is a great video for anyone looking to get an overview on thinking different. Thinking differently in a way that prevents them from becoming a commodity. I also felt inspired to embrace my more polarizing viewpoints after watching this.

You can watch the video as Shade 21 here:

I think you’ll find it presents a somewhat more easy-going, fun-loving, (but still — no nonsense) side of my mind.