You may or may not be totally familiar with my “key” methodologies, foundational strategies, and bedrock principals… we call ABRAHAM 101.
That’s why I thought you might thoroughly enjoy, appreciate, and benefit from seeing the rather impressive and well structured, thoroughly well-reasoned, and exceptionally well-presented way my London partner explained my ABRAHAM 101. This presentation was given to a group of 800+ quality entrepreneurs a month ago when I was there.
You see I don’t like to present my basic principles in lecture form any longer, so I asked my London partner, who is very bright (and a wonderfully clear-cut communicator), do his version. And, he knocked it out of the park!
When “I” deliver the principles, I tend to be very free-structured. But my partner Dan Bradbury — who is a partner and coach to everyone all over the UK — is very structured and presents my ideas in a wonderfully cogent, thoroughly graspable, relatable, integrated way.
Then to make the principles even more impactful and relevant to the audience, I came out and answered some deep, meaningful questions he posed about the concepts he had just presented. The outcome was quite impressive.
If you think you grasp all my basic belief systems, watching Dan Bradbury deliver his “British version” of ABRAHAM 101 will provide an enjoyable (and enriching) reality check. 
If you truly aren’t well-versed in my method, principle, strategies, and distinctions – you are certain to enjoy Dan’s no-nonsense, non-theoretical version of me thoroughly.
And certainly EVERYONE will find the follow-up Q & A session with Dan and me highly thought-provoking.
The complete video for Shade #20 is 2 hours, 15 minutes, including the portion where Dan interviews me about nuances, clarifications and illustrative examples of ABRAHAM 101.