I feel remiss. I’ve been traveling extensively for the last four weeks — Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, back to Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Now I am dictating this from Cabo San Lucas, then going to the UK, Puerto, and then Italy.
I DO NOT want you miss out on your daily dose of “Shades,” so I’ve decided to come up with eight interesting, provocative, loosely connected — although, everything in life has relevancy to one another, as you’ll someday realize — resources that (I believe) you will find intellectually, conceptually, financially and philosophically/ideologically stimulating.
I’m calling it Crazy Eights because it’s crazy! Eight interesting items from my body of work that most anyone would gain perspective, possibility, passion and purpose from. Shade #18 includes many resources we typically reserve for current or high-probability prospects. A few are redundant to other Shades. Most are not.
I’m not asking nor hoping you like every one of them — although my ego would be gratified if that happens.
I’m just trying to do what I promised… to add incredible value to your business and your life. I hope to accomplish this by sharing perspectives, perceptions, and paradigms I’ve been blessed to gain from people that are far brighter and more worldly and deep than I am.
So, if you want a crazy experience, go to “Shades of Jay #18,” and you’ll have eight of them.
Enjoy, and I’ll try to send another Shade while I am traveling.