Today I have a rather inventive surprise.

I call it the Swiss Army Shade of Jay. Why do I call it that? Because one Shade (Shade #16) delivers 11 different tools, functions, distinctions and capabilities that, if carried on your iPad or computer, arms you with the ability to extricate yourself from almost every imaginable business challenge or dilemma.

Sound auspicious? Well, review what comes packed on your Swiss Army Shade of Jay, and find out for yourself:

Every day, for eleven days straight, you’ll receive another Skype-recorded video I did of a colossal business brain. All of them spotlighting mammoth thinkers who are out-of-the-park experts in a vertical category which you personally need to master greater understanding.

To wit:

  • Key perspectives from Stephen M.R. Covey’s partner, Greg Link, on how you and your business can gain 300 percent more performance, sales, and success through trust building.
  • Stephan Spencer (premiere real-world SEO grand master) on how to gain prominence without gaining mastery in SEO today.
  • Robert Hargrove (top executive coach to the #1 company on Russell 1,000 and #1 CEO on Forbes 500 in 2014) on how anybody can bootstrap their business to greatness colossally.
  • Jon Benson, arguably the premiere mind on video sales letters, opening up completely on the why, the where, the how and lessons I doubt he’s ever shared in this format this deeply before, on how to make your online sales letters explode.
  • Rich Schefren, one of online marketing’s true pioneers.
  • Dan Roitman, who explains details with full graphic illustration, how to grow any business 16 times over in the shortest time possible. He used it to grow his business to almost $100 million.
  • Anthony Mink exposing social media, explaining it, and ethically exploiting it from a different point of view.
  • Perry Marshall dispelling the biggest marketing myth of them all.
  • Marylou Tyler – the strategy Salesforce used to go from tiny to mighty, explained 2 separate ways: one technologically, the other by dividing and conquering the different levels of prospect viability factors that exist in any market.
  • Carlos Dias – A sophisticated, successful international corporate executive tells why, how, and where most small to medium entrepreneurs fall flat, and how to rapidly fix the problem.
  • Jeremiah Desmarais, who will show you LinkedIn from a whole new slant.

The plan… starting today, is to go to Shade of Jay #16. The first day will be Greg Link, and then you can return to theShade #16 button every day for the next 11 days, and you’ll find one more full-length video, averaging 30 minutes to 1 hour for your delight,  entertainment, and enrichment.

All 11 count as just one “Swiss Army Shade.” Finally, two more comments, which are probably important:

1) I’m not a great videographer. This was the first time I used a recording app on Skype. Some of my videography will definitely NOT be nominated for an Academy Award. You have to work a little bit harder to watch some of these, but you don’t have to work hard at all to hear the profound messages these whip-smart minds openly share.

2) Since I know your capacity for taking in stimulating and actionable knowledge is near-infinite, don’t be at all surprised if I issue a shade or two while the blades of the Swiss Army Shade keep opening every day.

We have many more gifts in store.

As always, none sell anything – – except you – – on how much more is possible for your time your opportunity cost, and your incredibly underutilized mental resources.

Enjoy opening the Swiss Army Shade “blades” and using each one to cut through the miasma that has been keeping your business stuck.

– Jay