So, each month I do a Skype/type 2-hour video conferences with 40 entrepreneurs all over China. It’s another daring experimental project I’m trying, and the results, so far, are quite impressive.

Anyhow, last week’s session took a rather fascinating turn: We deeply explained and explored all of the different leverage or impact factors that either positively or negatively affect your sales, marketing, positioning, and competitive results.

I’ve never approached this topic, this way before – slowly, methodically, very linearly and pragmatically. There’s a lot of time lost waiting for translation, but I had the staff cut out as much fat as possible and “strip it down” to about an hour of audio.

I think you’ll find my exploration of factors and forces that produce breakdowns or breakthroughs extremely relevant.

Here you go – Shade 15 – No opt-in necessary, of course. But if worthwhile, seriously – – pass it on and on, as well as all of the other shades. See how many deserving entrepreneurs YOU can contribute to by plugging them into these resources.