THIS is really an integration of two positive worlds colliding into one ultra-instructional outcome!

Sound confusing? Let me quickly explain.

For the last few months, I have been disseminating my “50 Shades of Jay” resources (I hope you have benefitted from some or all of them, so far.)

That said, occasionally we do uber-qualitative commercial offerings, that people pay to either experience or receive.

A few months back, we did “Reshaping Your Business Future.” Last week, we invited just fifty entrepreneurs to encounter a year-long experiment called “Outsizing Your Business,” dealing squarely with unlimited business growth without investment or risk.

In between the few upper-level commercial invitations I do – – I’m continuously trying to outdo myself and over-deliver to you on each new installment of “Fifty Shades” I send out.

Well, we’ve spent weeks going through really powerful, 90-Minute Hot Seats and enormously stimulating lightning rounds and situation-specific Q&A sessions, problem-solving clinics, opportunity-strategizing sessions and…

…we’ve distilled them down to a wonderful collection of fast-paced, highly provocative demonstrable examples of dozens and dozens of ways to think, act, and transact business differently.

In full disclosure – – I originally only intended to share them with qualified applicants for my private “Breakthroughs at the Beach” marketing makeover/strategy restructuring process.

However, once I realized how much illustrative example/case study value viewing all these could mean to everyone, I decided to make them public and compiled together as just one “shade.”

Click here to access Shade 14.

That stated, I must also state that I AM expecting  some of you will view these rat-tat-tat solutions, resolution and strategy sessions, and find yourself wanting to know if you are suitable and qualified to participate privately in your own Hot Seat experience. Well, I’m mainly doing Hot Seat sessions at my beach house so keep a look out for more information regarding one of our upcoming “Breakthroughs at the Beach” makeover sessions.

My dual (but worthy) motives now fully disclosed – – I give you condensed, distilled, Hot Seats galore to watch.