OK. It’s Mother’s Day! And you were obviously waiting (curiously, but expectantly, of course) to see what kind of wildly inventive “Shade” I’d come up with that was both appropriate to the occasion and entertaining to all involved – – including and especially – – your mom, wife, ex-wife (if you get along) soon to be wife, your children from the past out-of-wedlock (we’re cool either way).

I thought long and hard on this Shade – – I frankly was not going to release THIS MUSICAL COLLECTOR’S SET until the very end of the road…as shade #50.

However, in the spirit of honoring and bringing smiles to all of the mothers out there today, Ta-da!!! I give you: two separate, classic, “Abraham musical treats.”

One is pure audio. It’s a custom theme song created for me by a famous jingle company in Sydney, Australia in the mid 90’s, and honestly it is a giggle and a half to listen to. It’s around a minute long, and perfect to put part or all of it on your ringtone.

The second one is a gas! No doubt it is hilarious, joyous, deliriously fun to watch in its video based musical message.

A brilliant attendee did a full-length adaptation of Stairway to Heaven, complete with the Marketeers’ “cover band,” with outrageously funny lyrics. The song totals nine non-stop hilarious minutes.

Best part – – they both entertain wildly, bring laughter and uplifting spirit galore, BUT are secretly/subliminally and explicitly embedded with a hauntingly relevant message you’ll now never forget.

Click here for Shade #12

Enjoy. Share. Listen/watch often.

Happy Mother’s Day!