Dream Bigger, Reimagine Your Business, and Disrupt the Status Quo. Shade # 10 

My good friend and a partner, Robert Hargrove makes his way in the world as a CEO “Whisperer” to the Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders at the highest levels. He is author of Masterful Coaching and is Co-Founder of the Harvard Leadership Research Project. His clients include the Fortune 500 CEO of the Year, European Entrepreneur of the Year, and Under Secretary of Defense. 

My work has made a big impact on Robert marketing himself at the highest level, but more importantly it’s helped Robert help his large clients. He took my work for entrepreneurs (on the front lines of capitalism) and started to try it out – – working with the CEOs and minions of the Fortune 500 – – with a high level of success. 

Robert said he felt like he carried around a Jay Abraham “genie”, who sat on his shoulder and guided him as he helped companies like Fidelity, Nike, Adidas, Phillips, and BAE Systems, who paid Robert exceedingly well for the privilege. 

Robert used my methods and concepts (translated to a higher strata) – – the way James Bond uses his arsenal of gadgets – – to help clients craft “game-changing” strategies and build brand marketing campaigns competitive with the best of Madison Avenue, transforming business to capture new growth. Clients paid him exorbitant fees. 

Robert says it was like the story of a guy who buys a stock for $40 in 1984 (the year HE discovered my work), only to discover in 2015 that the total return to shareholders (TRS) was conservatively in the millions. Robert thinks his clients may have reaped billions in new revenue.  

Robert is a great admirer and fan, and the feeling is mutual. 

He likes that I’ve been preaching and teaching my ideas 30 years before they became trendy, and that, besides being exceedingly powerful—my concepts radiate hopefulness and helpfulness to every business leader and entrepreneur who embraces them. 

Robert has been thinking deeply about My Strategy of Preeminence for years. So when he started following our 50 Shades Campaign—Robert thought it would be a good chance to give back. He called and said he had some good “builds” on my Strategy of Preeminence idea—and I invited Robert to collaborate with what I had done—with complete creative license. 

Why The Strategy of Preeminence? Because as Robert and I both feel that, of all the business drivers, “strategy” is the fastest way to change your business results. And because we live in a world of disruption where new competitors with niche strategies and innovative business models are more competitive than ever—being fanatically strategic is essential. 

Robert’s work is deliberately short but sweet. It’s probably the equivalent of a 30-page deck. It’s designed to give you access to a powerful strategic process, without having to wade through hundreds of pages.  

It’s deceptively simply, but very powerful. Please do yourself a favor and take the time to ponder every page. There are even charts and pictures to make it easier to read. It doesn’t have everything you need to concoct a great strategy or business model — that would be an insult to your intelligence. It’s designed to inspire and empower you with a spirit of new hope. 

Please enjoy Shade #10 and, as in the spirit of the entire 50 Shades campaign, it’s yours-gratis. My only request is – – if you find if adds massive value (or provides you a golden nugget or two that you can run with), pass it on to others you think it may help.  

There’s a modest mention Robert made of himself at the end—totally deservedly. 


By the way, Robert believes that, whether you call them a client or customer you MUST think of them—ALWAYS–as a highly valued client, under YOUR care and protection. You serve as THEIR most trusted advisor.