To be, or not to be the most trusted advisor – – the thought leader in your sector – – the go-to source – – THAT is the question.

I thought it would be interesting to start this gifting series with a “self-evaluating” power point.

The link below will take you to a compression presentation power point, I’ve given many times to outrageously wild receptivity – – teaching business owners, (in all types, sizes, and forms of entrepreneurship,) how to achieve distinctive, highly/positively differentiated status as the go-to – – most trusted, respected, and connected – – source their market turns to.

Originally part of a 15 month program, I did with Rich Schefren called MAVEN MARKETING. This short-course primer provides a fast-paced, no-nonsense “look” at the elements, characteristics, conduct, and positioning strategies that can – – and will, propel almost any commoditized and marginalized business into the rarefied world of preeminence, preemptiveness, and predominance.

It’s all of 45 slides… and, is pretty self-explanatory. It’s all of 45 slides.

I suggest you review each slide carefully and in doing so, question whether or not you currently do any of these actions, moves or maneuvers.

Separately and privately, I urge you to do some deeply reflective soul-searching to see if you are really restricting your market from seeing you as the voice and force and source of your business in a more powerful light.

One more thing…

Any new startup enterprise you are connected to – – be it as an angel investor, your own project or any other family members, feel free to encourage them to review this power point also.

Last thought…

Please remember that “50 Shades of Jay” is not selling ANYTHING – – other than selling you on how much more is possible from your business, your efforts, your opportunities. I would like to hope that the contribution I make in this 50 resource gifting process is valuable and meaningful enough that you will take the time to introduce as many fellow entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners as possible.

Here is the link:

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