~Contact.FirstName~: A year ago, one of my business partners, Carlos Dias and I created a rather provocative, cartoon-driven, business book titled“Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business.” Click Here to access Shade #9 In all candor – – though it’s a wonderful, quick, fun business read – – it does serve as a showcase for a $60,000 a year, high-end “e-learning” service we’ve built. But – – disregard the light amount of self-promotion at the end. This delightful, 94-page bedtime story is more than worth reading to yourself every night before bedtime. Maybe for a week or more. Why? Well see for yourself. Here are just a few of the content titles: *The Price of Mediocrity *Why are CEOs Blind to Opportunities *Opportunity Costs in the Real World: A Case Study *The Hidden Art of Foresight *The CEOs Job Description in Turbulent Times *Determine the “Business Backbone” *Values Are About Behavior *Grow Your Leadership Mindset *Skill Set Checklist *Critical Thinking Toolkit *Agile Tools for a Leader *And, more… I sincerely am offering this Bedtime Story for Business Owners up to you as a selfless gift. See if it inspires, animates, motivates, even reinvigorates your ENTIRE business world view. Click Herefor access to Again – – It WAS conceived, written, intended for larger businesses and CEO’s. However, upon re-reading, I’m sure it will add meaningful value, clarity, purposefulness, and a richer sense of possibility to whatever it is you do in business. If possible, do your first “read-through” tonight. Sweet Dreams, Jay