In the mid 90’s, I had one of the largest-selling cassette albums (boy, that dates me!) in the personal development field, called “Your Secret Wealth.” 

It deeply explained, then explored how much hidden opportunity, undervalued assets, underutilized potential, under recognized possibilities exist in a life, career, business or profession. I got excited a few years later, and had a good collaborator to turn it into a manual totaling hundreds pages. 

I let 200 people serve as “guinea pig reviewers.” Most really were rocked by its message. Then I commenced to lock it away – – never really selling or aggressively offering it to much of anyone. 

It’s older, classic Jay. Fun stories, diplomatic admonishment, gentle cajoling, rather clear-cut explanations of how to achieve so much more with what you have, do or possess, i.e. resources, skills, access, opportunity. 

Is it still a great book? That’s like asking if a classic from 2000 is still practical, viable, worthy of reading. 

I honestly won’t answer that – – preferring instead, to give you the full manuscript – -that sells zero, nada, absolutely no self-serving interest whatsoever. 

Click here for Shade #8 

Read the first chapter. If it disappoints, delete it from your computer. I still think much of it will inspire and favorably provoke.

Oh yes – – I’ve done an unimaginable number of cool products and programs over my career that I’ve spent considerable time, money, and effort on – –then I do absolutely nothing with them but lock them in the archives.

We created a thoroughly joyous and delightfully enrapturing, “Short-course primer” called “The Creativity Switch How to Turn On and Turn Up Your Ability to Think Inventively, Innovatively, Incomparable to Others. “It too sits, gathering dust. 

I think it may be somewhere on the website – – but I am including written transcripts of this course here as well as part of Shade #8. 

As always – – if it disappoints – – you are welcome to unsubscribe, so I don’t burden you with wastefulness again.

On the other hand, IF it stirs something meaningful within you, please – – pass it on and on and on and on and on.

No opt-in is necessary. It just seems tragic of me to want to give these resources-gratis to deserving entrepreneurs, but not know how to reach everyone who would benefit.

Help me if it helps you.