In the past, it may have been different. But today – – The driver of business performance is a surprisingly simple understanding: You are paid by the world, to think differently, and to solve problems or create opportunities (and create value) in better ways than others. You are paid to think differently than your competitors think – – about everything from business model, to brand position, to distribution channels, to marketing, and to market competitive business strategy.

You are paid as an entrepreneur for looking at situations differently. I believe that, no matter what type of business you run – – what wins today in business IS NOT the ability to “out-muscle” or “out-resource” the competition.

Rather, it’s the ability to out think your competitors – – by using greater, far more penetrating brain power!

A dear friend named David Goldsmith wrote a book called “Paid to Think.”

It’s rather unique among business books out there. David’s book approaches things in your business from a different point of view. It’s not about some new concept “du jour.” No, this book focuses squarely upon thinking ANEW – – About every aspect of your business.

That said, David’s book is not toilet reading. The subtitle of David’s Book is “The Reader’s Toolkit for Reinventing Your Future.” Everyone from the marketing manager of Rail Europe.Inc, the director of strategy for Wal-Mart Asia, to the director of business development at Rouse Corp, to the global VP of Digital Marketing MasterCard, to five New York Times #1 business authors have all endorsed the book.

You may never have heard of it, because it actually wasn’t written for smaller entrepreneurs, and yet – – Thinking differently, shifting the way you look at problems and opportunities is probably more critical in YOUR “fiercely competitive” business situation than even a larger company.

I liked David’s book enough that I wrote the forward. The full book is massive.

But I’m gifting you chapters 1 and 2 now, because I believe they’ll prove highly provocative to those who really “Get me” and what I stand for.

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Highly provocative, more than a bit mind-rattling and unsettling, but from the most positive way (and from a vantage point you haven’t approached).

Shade #7 can be found at the following link – – – – and please always remember: The difference between the victors and victims, winners and the losers, the mediocre and the magnificent is your ability to transact business differently from everyone else.

I hope you find these two chapters of “Paid to Think” something that will stretch your thinking when you deal with critical issues affecting or afflicting your business performance and bottom line.