Are you constantly driven to distraction at work? Do you let your emails, text, computer and mobile phone dominate your time, your day? Do you REALLY think multitasking works? Do you get constantly diverted, derailed from one project to another, rarely finishing any? Do you worry? And if so, do you worry alone in a vacuum? Are you always trying to be the hero? Always trying to come up with all the solutions and answers yourself? Always doing things without the help of others, never collaborating or cooperating with anyone else? Do you underachieve your efforts, do you underperform your activities? Do you drop the ball or unknowingly limit, restrict the results/success you and your business efforts achieve and deserve? Would you like to understand, then learn how to masterfully manage and maintain maximum focus? Would you like to harness the enormous power of your mind? What about the profound power of human connection… wouldn’t you like to master that skill? Or harnessing the power of emotions – – the maximum ethical advantage, or the power of structured thinking? What would it be like if YOU were distracted no more? Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell is recognized worldwide as THE definitive expert on entrepreneurial ADHD/ADD. HE believes that today, almost all of us, due to pressures and demands and diversions, go into phases of ADHD/ADD moments throughout our business day… Ned believes entrepreneurs like you are gifted human beings – – But, often times tormented human beings because you allow the paradoxical side of your talent and skills to take over, pollute and dominate your thinking and conduct. And he knows that that need not be the case for you. He says that high-driven, high-profit entrepreneurs often have “race car minds, but bicycle brakes.” Causing them to be indiscriminate in thinking, making decisions that couldn’t commit to, go into actions too soon and too aggressively, causing them not to see themselves accurately and restricting their ability to grasp their situations and the implications of their actions properly, and restricting their ability to perform in their business and personal lives to the maximum balanced and successful capabilities possible. His landmark work in the field is extensive – – and extraordinary. Countless books, featured continuously on Oprah, Dr. Oz, Today, Good Morning America, Keynotes, as is his clients some of the highest performing entrepreneurs, the most well-balanced, creative and prosperous entrepreneurs in the country. I interviewed Ned for one hour and 20 minutes on his most advanced and relevant thinking on how an entrepreneur in your situation can transform your results, can slow down your mind so you can run faster and more effective – – how you can have a happier, more fulfilling, more balanced and prosperous overall life. I took the role of advocate of the distracted, diffused, confused, stressed out, underperforming entrepreneur.  I played the recording as a “sneak preview” of what you’ll hear when you go to Shade #6, [Please make shade #6 a hyper link] to a group of high-level colleagues I mentor every week. They were – – in a phrase – – totally, absolutely, stunningly “blown away.” Also, to perhaps inspire/compel YOU to take action on this, here are some of the comments that my evaluation team shared – – after they listened: “So, if you’re ever, or always driven to distraction, underperformance – – if your efforts and attention get seduced by too many shiny objects, if you try to do everything at once and drop the medicine ball on yourself far too often – – if you’re stressed out, feel stuck, stymied, stalled or suffocating and in a vacuum – – or have very poor balance in your personal life, I commend you TODAY, please listen fully to Jay’s interview with Dr. Edward Hallowell.” And please, for YOUR sake, not mine, don’t try and multitask while listening. Again, here’s where you can hear it: -Jay