Most people know my work as the creator/formulator of THE Strategy of Preeminence as well as the Advanced versions. I first started sharing my perspectives on this rather undervalued business power-force and -source fifteen years ago. Since then, businesses the world over have incorporated many of my ideals and philosophies surrounding THIS wonderful way of doing “outsized business success” into all they do. Over the years I have done a small number of more deep and concentrated discussions and examinations of what, why, and how being preeminent outperforms just about every/any other business or competitive strategy you could embrace. Well, I collected a few of the more provocative–and clarifying “treatments” I’ve done on the concept of late, and….. I’m gifting a compendium of them here–as #2 of the Fifty Shades of Jay, I’m disseminating over the next 100 days. Some background is in order. I was keynote — via streaming audio — to a worldwide conference of executive and business coaches. I’ve taken my approximately, 90 minute address — plus power point and included IT below. Next I did that same year a unique focused presentation of preeminence for financial service professionals. It ran approximately three hours. I sadly don’t have the audio — but I DO have the transcription. So IT to is included on this link. Also — and in full disclosure — for some inexplicable reason — almost no one seems to know that I’ve put nearly five hours of specific situational videos, audios and written transcriptions, articles and talking points on being a preeminent business on my web site — in the resource section. As a courtesy I’m providing links to all five hours of those as well. Finally, we created a special manual for financial service professionals –separately for a national magazine publisher. IT is included here, TOO! Bottom line? If you can’t figure out how YOUR business can become quantum times more preeminent after immersing yourself and team in all I’ve gifted today–you should probably hang it up. By the way — all these resources together count as ONLY one gift in the fifty. You are probably a bit curious about the method to MY madness aka: “What’s in it for Jay?” Great question. Here’s my true and honest answer: I am hoping, (and expecting,) you to be vividly enough benefited by these gifts to eagerly want to re-gift them in my name to dozens and dozens of more deserving entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, professionals I can’t reach on my own. You are not only free to do so — you are encouraged to do so. But ask THEM — if these wonderful resources help positively/profitably impact THEIR business — to opt in on our web site, Occasionally we do send commercial offerings — and obviously it’s great to have an ever-expanding list of quality entrepreneurs who truly respect and value one’s body of work. Also and probably most importantly — for them NOT me — I can’t send them all the cool things I’m planning on freely gifting way, way past Fifty Shades of Jay — unless I know who they are — and have their permission to connect with them. So–go here Gift #2 and immerse yourself and business in a multi-dimensional, multi-scenario, multi-industry education on how to become preeminent. Here is the link: Jay-