By now, hope that you’ve been “positively pummeled” by the high level of elevated thinking I’ve been trying to transfer through all the shades we’ve been sending. 

A brilliant colleague once said, the key to great achievement and performance was to raise both the attitude AND the altitude of all you do. Stated differently: If you operate at a far more evolved, elevated level of thinking, doing, and being – – you gain profound competitive business (and lifestyle) advantages. 

That said, two weeks ago I opened up (off the record) to video marketing extraordinaire Jon Benson with a private inner circle meeting. Jon asked me quite private and personal questions – – most of which were shockingly different than the standard questions I’m asked in a typical interview chain. 

But candidly, the questions they posed — though highly personal — were both sincere and surprisingly revealing. I actually felt both awkward and liberated answering the penetrating requests they asked me to respond to.

At first I wanted to lock the video away for posterity — maybe let my grandchildren see it after I’m gone.

But then I realized I was a hypocrite. If I stand for integrity and high ethics, I probably need to be open, vulnerable and transparent to all of you, who I am truly devoted and committed to.

So, what the “H” — I’m throwing caution to the wind, going way, way, way out on a limb and putting myself, my personal life and career on public display in this very private video Jon’s colleague recorded.

But three serious admonitions — before you watch THIS video:

1) It was not a professionally captured video, so you’ll need to be patient and tolerant when you watch — maybe just close your eyes and listen to the audio — your choice.

2) I use some abrasive language, which is somewhat beneath the stature I’ve tried to set for you to follow so don’t be shocked!

3) I actually DO hope and want you to freely, aggressively share almost every “Shade of Jay” I send with as many others in the entrepreneur world as you can. With the exception of this video, my resources should go viral.

However, I respectfully request — No, I require — you to agree morally that if you watch this unvarnished, off-the-record video of me baring my soul — you do not share it with anyone else. Please, it’s really quite personal.

Click here to accessShade 13.

Finally, lest you think this is some masterful scheme I’ve conjured up to sell you some product or service — It is not. This video is perhaps the most candid, off-the-record discussion of beliefs, hopes, dreams, agonies and ecstasies I’ve encountered throughout my life.

I’m ONLY sharing it because I believe it might deeply affect the thinking of all those who “get” what I openly share about my own, very personal life.