I’ve given you time to “digest” the last six shades I sent out during our “Fast and Furious” marathon week.

Today, I’m gifting you with a rather wild shade grab bag. Consider it my next investment in YOUR business success.

Here’s what I’ve “bundled” together ” a thought-provoking amalgam of components ” each intended to move your thinking a bit more to the “right.”

Click here to get Shade #11.

Here’s what you’re getting in today’s “full access pass”, and why I’ve chosen each component.

  • Colossal Bootstrapping ” My good friend, business partner Robert Hargrove, is a renowned executive captain of industry. Robert wrote a long essay that challenges completely everyone else’s thinking on what “Colossal Bootstrapping” should be – – how much more was possible, why it should be a badge of honor instead of a sign of defeat – – and actual little-known stories of the specific success strategies now-wildly-successful entrepreneurs did using “Colossal Bootstrapping.” Read this document first.
  • Link from Forbes of a provocative article on finding a mentor where Forbes’ contributing editor interviewed Daymond John to see what he recommended. Graciously, Daymond mentioned me in a most complimentary way. I think it’s worth reading next and reflecting on securing your own world-class mentors like Daymond still does.
  • An invaluable video recorded at the “Titans of Direct Response” event, which was sort of a direct response rock star-esque party. In this presentation, I expound the concept of long term business strategies and explain how problems truly are opportunities in disquise.
  • Also, I’m including in this “Shade of Jay” medley a ten-minute piece I did “On Thinking Differently,” from the original working notes I created to work off.
  • Finally, I’m including a collection of philosophical e-mails I used to send to stun, startle, and challenge your thinking.

Why am I sending so many really fascinating mind shift resources all together in one gigantic “Shades of Jay” gifting salvo?

Two reasons – – No, three.

  1. I can; So I am.
  2. I want to stretch and raise your standards of possibility – before “
  3. I’m making one of our first commercial offerings in a while, in just two days. I want to earn the right to write/send you six successive email discussions about the newest exponential yearlong group-mentoring project I’m experimenting with.

The focus is Unlimited Business Growth and Success ” without investment or risk, and it’s an integrated, high-level systemic course in monetizing, maximizing and managing relational capital.

But before I intrude for six days with my admittedly interesting but commercially focused email communication, I want to first earn the right to benevolently extend onto your email ” and I definitely want to earn the right for you not to delete the six or so commercial messages I’ll be sending.

So ” I’m overwhelming you in today’s super “Shades of Jay Bundle” with a pot full of provocative perspectives that I believe and hope earn me the right to ask your attention studying the communal invitation I extend for participants in the upcoming, one-of-its-kind group mentoring experiment.

Please read Colossal Bootstrapping – – It’ll shift your entire mindset.

Next see the brief recommendation Daymond John shared on how to benefit to the max from a mentor ” and of course, see the gracious acknowledgment he gave to me and LL Cool J.

Then, work through the document on worldview mistakes people make. See how it imprints on your current thinking about the limits of your business world.

Finally, finish it off by reaming/watching the quick start I did “On Thinking Differently” and peruse the collections of philosophical e-mails designed to challenge your thinking.

Then embrace the offerings I send for the next six days about my Relational Capital yearlong experimental mentorship forum.