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"Reshaping Your Business Future"

A 26-Week, Highly-Interactive, Business-Growth Mentorship Designed to Catapult Your Profitability and Entrepreneurial Prowess---Orders of Magnitude Higher!



Everyone on my list who’s a true mover doer—(meaning high-performance people who have broken ground already shifted their thinking and are redefining their industries)—they’re all asking me WHEN I’m doing a new large-attendance intensive live seminar.

They’re eager to learn ALL the new strategies approaches distinctions and realizations I’ve uncovered perfected defined refined (and re-defined) over these last five years—when almost ALL my focus has been working (hands-on/one-on-one) helping real operating enterprises all over the world—thrive and prosper.

Billions of new revenue has been directly tracked to the latest work I’ve been doing here… in China Canada Japan Europe and through all the diverse clients I’m advising here.

But—I’ve pretty much tired of doing large logistics-intensive seminars anymore. Too much staff energy and effort required. I still DO rather large/expensive programs in Beijing Shanghai Shen Zhen Tokyo etc…

But here in “the states”…no I’m pretty much done—except for an occasional experimental/hi-concept beta project I’ll do very infrequently—for a small exceptional group I think “gets” my mindset and methods.  But I usually do them just once to see how the newer concept executes. Then I rarely (almost never) do that program again.

But—not unexpectedly (and interestingly) I’ve assembled an extensive collection of specialty and hi-performance programs I’ve done either big time in the past—like Protégé Mentor Training (5-day/$20000 per head)—Strategy-Setting Super Summit (ten-days $35000 a person)—PEQ I II and PEQ Cubed (each five days and $15-25000 each)—Maven Marketing—Mastermind Marketing—The X-Factors—The Abraham Factor—The Ultimate Research Marketing Laboratory Project—Empire Builder—Special Client Makeover Project—Consultant Mastery—Relational Capital—Monetizing/Maximizing Masters of Passive Income—Recession Proofing Your Business—Your Marketing Genius At Work—The Brain Trust Infinity Group—Tribes Copywriting Clinics—Marketing Makeover Sessions etc.

 I could go on…

But my point is merely that MY body of work keeps evolving expanding multiplying in scope and focus—by orders of magnitude; because I work and advise or confer-continuously with high-level experts in multitudinous fields—in a wide array of countries—AND DIVERSE INDUSTRIES; big data cloud computing digital advertising private equity hedge funds crowd funding futurism divergent thinking business intelligence. Conservatives and liberals alike. Service industries tech companies professional services manufacturers distribution food services etc.

I’m plugged into an utterly unimaginable network of high level monster-bright minds—and they share continuously—flowing eruptions of newfound understanding with me—almost daily.

It dawned on me that I COULD take the integrated best-of-the best programs I ever did—that are still ultra-relevant add to them the newest most elevated thinking I’m operating at now shake all that up by sharing what’s working NOW for all kinds of different companies in all kinds of different industries in all parts of the world.

These are things YOU would never ordinarily know about think about or be exposed to in your normal scope of influences or seminar offerings.

I’m talking about sharing ONLY ideas worth learning. Business Ideas Marketing Ideas strategy Ideas Business model/revenue model ideas capable of hurtling performance many rungs higher!

Look I’m no longer ego-driven about sharing my knowledge understanding and perspectives. I’m very comfortable openly collaborating with you to translate—then transfer—high-performance understanding in an unexpectedly stimulating way that impacts deeply while enabling you to implement meaningfully whatever you discover from me and my real-life examples.

I’ve therefore decided to avail myself ONLY to the high-achievers amongst you who are “game” for spending two hours a week for 26 consecutive weeks in a row having me personally guide/lead/mentor you deeply (and meaningfully) on a conference bridge with me—participating in what I’m calling…Reshaping Your Business Future.

The encounter would begin in early December and continue through May—with breaks around holiday time.

I understand perhaps better than most the enormous power and force this mammoth knowledge base represents—when properly harnessed to an enterprise that’s stuck yet poised to explode upward—like a just-released tightly coiled high-compression industrial strength spring!

Reshaping Your Business Future!

It’s not something you passively listen to and merely take notes. If you don’t want to break new ground or stop being constrained by only knowing what everyone else knows then you need not apply.

But if you’re prepared and refuse to be constrained or confined by convention…

If you are willing and ready to grow in directions and dimensions no one else has been willing…or able to take you and your business to…

If you have the courage and fortitude to REALLY learn a compression process that incorporates THE very best elements of everything I have ever done before—along with hours of discussion on entirely new thinking I’ve only recently evolved…

If you want to be joined together in a rather magical process with other super-smart people who’ll openly be sharing—with me and you—the very best “stuff” they’re each doing—you might wish to pursue this 26-week adventure with me.

There are ways people have found to reach the pinnacle in whatever they do. So the most valuable lessons you’ll learn from me and any guests I invite on IS: what’s really going on in your industry—and theirs? What’s REALLY working? What’s possible? How do you pioneer new ways of doing things in YOUR industry in ways that takes your competitors totally by storm/surprise? What are the people who operate at the highest levels of performance doing different than everybody else does? What’s going on in sales marketing advertising social media that’s shaking things up? Things you NEED to know about.

What’s the absolute breakthrough discoveries today that someday soon will become mainstream? Where are/what are the best resources that are available to get you more sales generated more profitably from more fresh sources?

Getting the new ways of thinking out there deeply rooted into YOUR head—that’s my goal here.

Certainly it’s about me sharing ideas with you—but not tepid or recycled shop-worn ideas you’ve long ago heard of/tried and abandoned. No we’ll only focus on ideas that ARE making have recently made (and CAN MAKE for you/your business) huge differences.

Am I promising that every minute of every hour of every weekly two-hour masterful thinking session WILL—absolutely be worth fifty or a hundred thousand dollars a minute? NO. Of course not!

But my express purpose here IS to instill in your mind an entirely newfound way of thinking doing acting and transacting business—no matter what business you’re in/or product/service you sell!

If you aren’t a high-level doer implementer an absolute monster of execution and a fanatic about making bigger/better things constantly happen—well if you aren’t—this proposition would have no real positive impact on you or your business! So save your money—and definitely save your time for more mundane uses like digging a deeper hole of mediocrity for yourself by continuing to do what isn’t working well anymore!

On the other hand—if you’re at an inflection point in your business—where it’s time to multiply your sales profit and competitive results—well I promise the 26-week encounter you’ll have with me and my expert friends will really make a fascinating stimulating monumental difference—IF you apply what you’re given.

Electric? Eclectic? Dynamic? Provocative? Evocative?

Yes of course it’ll be all that—but much much more…

I’m talking about—traveling outside your industry lines visiting new ways of doing selling marketing… Seeing entirely fresh disciplines of strategic thinking wonderful new business models and revenue models. Learning from all kinds of different paradigms. Discovering/uncovering all kinds of new practices/processes and positioning procedures new possibilities… learning to look innovatively inventively at all you do. Redefining your market objectives learning about new world views igniting your higher levels of passion purpose possibility—with a continuous barrage of evolved thinking coming at you every week in every two hour session.

We’ll discover direct ways to adapt and adopt the best parts of all you learn to YOUR business.

I could write more—but YOU either feel what I’m trying to do—or you don’t.

Complacent people will be bored out of their minds in this environment. I don’t want to do live three five or ten day seminars here anymore.

But by taking this integration of my best work along with my best current thinking combined with my best colleague’s thinking—wow it’s 26 weeks 52 hours of going deeper giving more getting more.

It should be an extraordinary convergence of mind shifts designed to get you and your business into higher gear help you add more value to your market show you how to contribute a greater positioning message in all your marketing becoming more meaningful/relevant—helping you become the driving force of a business that can conquer your world—in ways higher than you’ve ever set the bar for yourself–before.

If you want to grow yourself into a world-class brilliant mind—you can’t be content being the smartest person in the room. I can’t be either. That’s why I’m inviting a cadre of unimaginably remarkable and monster-bright brain power to come visit share and contribute alongside of me every week.

Finally—and reflectively my typical seminar contained 24 hours of content. This 26-week experimental process will total 52 hours of non-theoretical no-nonsense real world based guidance instruction and masterful mentoring.


You’ll need to fill out a very brief Application for Acceptance which can be accessed here on this page.

After you submit your request my Director of Admissions Rob Colasanti will respond to you ASAP. He’ll walk you through my vision intent content and pricing structure.

BTW: It’s not cheap. Yet it’s not exorbitant either at only $5,000. The right people will get ROI every week. The wrong people won’t see anything worthwhile. So don’t even think of submitting your application to Rob unless you’ve long ago gotten out of a mindset that compares everything generically. 

This 26-week adventure is exclusively intended for entrepreneurs who want to achieve at a very high level.

Application for Acceptance

[Note: Jay's 26-Week Mentorship is Only $5000 USD. Serious applicants only.]