Introducing Jay Abraham's...

"Reshaping Your Business Future"

A 26-Week, Highly-Interactive, Business-Growth Mentorship Designed to Catapult Your Profitability and Entrepreneurial Prowess---Orders of Magnitude Higher!



If you’re feeling that your business growth and profit performance “trajectory” has stalled or atrophied—I may have the perfect way to correct the problem(s).

I suspect that running your business leaves little time in your day for thinking deeply about changing strategies or about shifting your business model or replacing any/all of your selling and marketing approaches.

But if you want your business to perform stronger be far more profitable or much more competitively superior—I’ve got an efficient accelerated method for helping you.

I’m conducting a specialized ultra-unique 26-week “group makeover” mastermind alliance—squarely focused on reshaping your stuck business.

But to be considered for participation you MUST already have a profitable business that has buyers prospects and decent commerce occurring. Because—as good as I might be—even I can’t multiply zeros. So if you’re deeply in the red or not even remotely close to being a viable sustaining enterprise—this discussion should probably stop here.

On the other hand assuming your business IS profitable (just far LESS profitable than you want) my 26-week makeover proposition should deliver noticeable improvements.

Every week you’ll implement a different element I share.

That’s why I personally expect dramatic increases in the results you’ve been getting. They’ll come from the new actions you’ll take all the strategic efforts you’ll make expenditures you’ll reallocate and untapped opportunities you’ll see (that may have always been right in front of your nose).

After several weeks together you should forever drop much of the flawed thinking or underperforming actions you follow now.

So I encourage you to carefully examine what I’m doing with this 26-week encounter—particularly IF you have a fear that your current strategy (and tactics) won’t deliver the growth and profitability you want and need your business to start generating.

Again if the strategy you’re following and the methods you’re using aren’t producing the results you want—then my approach is much more likely to work. But there’s a rub. You must be willing to effectively change your overall strategic philosophy alter markedly your business model and mental model and move away from actions and activities that get you nowhere.

Stated differently—if you’re thinking that I’ll give you some instant quick fix magical solution… I won’t.

Reshaping a stuck business into a powerful strong business takes committed effort. It’s NOT going to be some pie-in-the-sky overnight miracle process. Thinking and acting differently is the key. But it requires disciplined focus a strong/serious prejudice towards action and you must be (or be willing to become) an absolute fanatic monster of execution.

If that sounds overwhelming—then please don’t respond.

On the other hand if you’re finding it harder and harder to “squeeze-out” more results from whatever you’re currently doing—over the next 26 weeks (I suspect) you will see some great results start to happen!

Again shifting your thinking and amending your actions across the board is the key.

That’s why I call it a makeover.

If your marketing strategy business model and tactics are weak frail or ineffective—and you want to avoid suffering “the inevitable”—you know that you have to do something DIFFERENT!

Week-by-week you should notice that your business becomes stronger your game plan for the future gets clearer and your understanding of what to start doing differently becomes easier and easier to comprehend. Not to mention the newfound abilities you’ll add to your arsenal.

Looking forward you’ll feel far more optimistic. Why? Because you’ll experience an exciting new intensity when it comes to stimulating great changes in your business.

I’ll provide a weekly progress monitor you’ll use. Together we’ll track (and note) all the significant levels of improvement you experience.

Even more—every session will be recorded and made available to you to review again and again.

My intention is that every week for two non-theoretical/no-nonsense hours I’ll push you in a stimulating motivating—but action-based way—that ends each session with something very specific for you to do DIFFERENTLY.

I think you will walk away from each group collaborative makeover session feeling great and possessing an ever-multiplying sense of clarity.

If getting you great results in a rather short 26 weeks sounds too good to be true think about this: It’s been proven decisively that sequential progressive process-oriented training/mentorship/guidance generates outstanding to outrageous benefits as compared to static events such as seminars or conferences.

Not only that—the core content I’ll be delivering over the 26 weeks will be many times more substantial than the output that usually results from a two day conference.

Think about it.

We’re talking two hours a week for 26 weeks—

ALL totally focused ALL interactive ALL based on real-life situations.

This represents 52 highly concentrated hours of expert knowledge and instruction compared to an estimated five hours of information per day you’d gain from a two day conference that frequently starts late takes loads of breaks has mixed message speakers etc.

Plus my agenda is pure/straightforward. I have nothing else to sell you. I’m committed to deep meaningful full-length education—NO teasing or abstract theories will be spoken on these twice-a-week sessions.

Once you’ve learned how to solidly think and act differently I can then challenge you to perform at well beyond your business’ previous result levels.

And because these fast-paced weekly discussion segments will challenge (and clarify) both your mental model and transactional ability—they should stimulate rapid improvements—if you’re willing to commit to the process and follow-through every week.

I know that I’m willing to commit MY top effort and ability to help reshape your business in 26 weeks. The question here is: Are YOU willing to give yourself your top effort and commitment as well?

Now the bad news: This is totally experimental—beta on my part. So I’m not interested (or trying) to attract hundreds or thousands of you.

I’m only looking for 100 quality entrepreneurs—eager and committed to learning my most evolved current strategic thinking knowledge methods and mindset.

So rather than allow automatic enrollment I have charged my Director of Admissions Rob Colasanti to explore mutual suitability.

If your current path is in need of a significant course correction and you can prove you are ready to consistently apply the process and makeover dynamic required of all selected participants please submit your Application for Acceptance now by clicking the button on this page and filling out the brief inquiry form.

Rob will get back to you right away to determine if a mentorship with me is a good fit—both ways.

If you still feel uncertain—that probably means you shouldn’t be doing this right now.

No matter what results-level your business operates at—at this point in your life—I feel confident that you can reshape its future and your own.

My proposition is NOT right for many people. So no offense here if you decline taking action.


In respectful consideration for your sincere willingness to examine this process by speaking to Rob Colasanti I want to reward you generously with a one-of-a-kind five-session video short course called “Back to Basics.

Each approximately 30 minute session explains explores examines and expounds on a different “Abraham Fundamental” that is powerfully relevant right now.

This is EASILY a $1000 dollar program that I’ve never gifted or released previously.

Each segment can be acted upon instantly. It’s exciting. You’ll enjoy it!

Application for Acceptance

[Note: Jay's 26-Week Mentorship is Only $5000 USD. Serious applicants only.]