Introducing Jay Abraham's...

"Reshaping Your Business Future"

A 26-Week, Highly-Interactive, Business-Growth Mentorship Designed to Catapult Your Profitability and Entrepreneurial Prowess---Orders of Magnitude Higher!


Hello Friend:

Because you still have bigger ambitions than you’ve fully achieved—you need bigger ideas to put your success and momentum into a place where you can reach (or surpass) your goals and realize your vision.

I’m presuming that you recognize the value/necessity of growing your business. It is paramount.

Literally in the business world today—you grow or die!

But the only way you’re going to generate massive growth the only way you’re going to get over whatever sticking points that are keeping you from leaping past your current rate of progress the only way to really crush it blow up your performance—is to find new ways of thinking/new ways of doing things.

For new doors to open for a new caliber of strategic marketing to fully connect in your mind—you need to be encouraged to look at your business world from an entirely fresh point of reference.

I’m not only talking about a point of inflection—but a point of reflection.

If whatever approach strategy or business model you’re using now is NOT generating the ultimate results you’re seeking and you don’t have many clear-cut options to rely on… I have a proposition.

More specifically—I have a way to take your thinking and actions to an entirely higher level in 26 weeks or less!

You see I believe your success should be growing well above its current level. And I can candidly say that not because I’m brash or arrogant.

Rather because I’ve looked at massive quantities of entrepreneurs and have seen how they work. I know that most do NOT maximize their time effort actions activities talent pool financial capital or intellectual and relational capital.

They may earn handsome incomes. But they don’t know how to gain the highest and best use improved performance or long-term output from everything they and their teams do.

I’ve been in a place to mentor an enormous amount of successful people to far higher perspectives and far greater overall business performance. It’s rarely the same performance logjam that strains (and constrains) each entrepreneur. Certainly however the overall ideology I install and methodology I use to replace stilted thinking IS the same—overall.

The specific issues I focus on for each client differ greatly. But what I do for each one is open up new connections reframe their reality index and introduce vastly different strategies for everything from better connecting with prospects to projecting greater value onto their product/service.

I’m telling you all this because I suspect you’ve advanced to that place of craving more success. But—are you feeling that your choices of honestly creating “markedly greater” success may seem to be narrowing?

Well I know a number of decisively different profit and prosperity pathways to pursue—ones you’ve probably never considered.

I have traveled down these pathways with entrepreneurs from over 465 different industries. I know the obstacles the short cuts and have been to the finish line…time and time again.

That leads me to main reason I’m writing you today.

I’ve decided to experiment One Time-Only with a group mentoring process focused squarely on integrating all the best non-linear ways of thinking I’ve mastered.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I’m also going to incorporate all the NEW ideas and ideals I’ve gained from my extensive worldwide work in a diverse spectrum of challenging industries and issues.

It’s going to be a wonderful new amalgam of sorts; very different than the mentoring processes I’ve done in the past.

The course will be 26-weeks two hours a session and it’s designed to take you far outside whatever limited scope of thought and action your industry (and thus probably your business) currently follows.

Look—not to be offensive but you can’t perform at a higher level UNLESS you first start to think at a far higher level. That requires you to understand the mindsets and methods of far more industries and business worlds than you’ve probably been exposed to so far.

If you’re merely looking for a quick fix tactic—I’m NOT your guy.

But if you want to instill and install an entirely new reality paradigm or mental model that finally moves the needle and utterly transforms your growth trajectory—my proposition may be perfectly timed.

I believe your greatest growth is yet to come. And I want to make that statement your reality.

That’s the good news. Now the bad. I don’t want hundreds or thousands of people to group mentor. Just 100. No more.

The process intent content and extreme interactive dynamic I’m planning cannot masterfully serve more than 100 of you. So I want THE right 100.

That’s why I’m NOT allowing automatic enrollment—even though the investment for this mentorship is only $5000 USD. Rather I have charged my Director of Admissions Rob Colasanti to explore mutual suitability.

You may express your interest to Rob by filling out the Application for Acceptance form you may access here on this page.

So if you feel you’ve got what it takes to be group mentored by me for 26-weeks beginning in early December then submit your application to Rob and he’ll get back to you right away to discuss next steps.

Application for Acceptance