Client Testimonials

If your business is not making the money or achieving the competitive success levels you  would like to make, read this section of the web site carefully. It contains the secret technique Ted Turner, Ross Perot, Carl Icahn, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Case and dozens of other famous entrepreneurs along with the leading Japanese use to reap fantastic oversized profits! Here’s what they have to say about my Marketing and Problem-Solving Idea’s:

Went From $800,000.00 To 2 Billion!

Jay has worked with us for almost 10 years, and he has engineered some of the best marketing strategies I have ever seen. Actually he might be cheap when you consider last year, I paid Jay $670,000 and in the past 10 years over $2 million. That was Jay’s reward for helping to build my company into the dominant precious metals and coin investment company in America doing over $2 Billion!

Jim Cook
Investment Rarities, Inc.

Made Howard Ruff Millions!

I’m a pretty good marketer. But as good as I am at marketing, Jay Abraham is better. He is the finest marketing mind on this planet. His work for others was wildly profitable, and I decided to get to know him. I finally was forced to surrender to the fact that Jay Abraham is a lovable, eccentric, unorthodox genius, the likes of whom I will probably never meet again. Once I accepted that, he made me millions.

Howard Ruff
The Ruff Times

Acquired 88,000 Newsletter Subscribers’!

You have sent to me more than 88,000 new subscribers for 17 of my publications. I’m sure I would not have generated this kind of response using my own promotional pieces.

Joel S. Nadel, Publisher
Newsletter Management Corporation

Made A Bundle For Richard C. Young

Very few people are big winners in the marketing game. Jay Abraham is one. We rely on his expertise over a wide area of interests. Jay can produce when most pros are at a loss. Quite simply, Jay’s marketing concepts have made us a lot of money!

Richard C. Young
Young Research and Publishing

Jerome Smith Got 25,500 New Subscribers At No Cost!

We express our appreciation for your work and its results. You launched a strongly innovative “test marketing” program for (our) newsletter in February 1984. As of December, 1984, we had acquired approximately 25,500 new subscribers through that effort – all at no cost to us. All in all, we have been delighted with this

David Sanders, Circulation Director
Jerome Smith’s Investment Perspectives

$400,000.00 Added Profit For Target, Inc!

In October, 1982, Jay came to us with a new idea for utilizing our customer names. I was skeptical initially; however, this program provided us with additional income in excess of $400,000 during the 20 months that the inserts ran. I enjoy working with Jay because I both trust him and respect his marketing expertise.

R. Kent Tipton, former President
Target, Inc.

Jay Generates $30 Million For lnc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur Of The Year!

I’m a rare coin dealer. I’ve paid Jay in the past five years approximately a half a million dollars, and he’s generated for me somewhere between $25 and $30 million worth of business, His techniques definitely do work.

David Hall
David Hall’s Numismatic Investment Group

Makes $200,000 Profit In Six Months!

“Thank you Jay Abraham. You are the best advisor I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve made over $200,000 in the last 6 months.”

R.C., Pennsylvania

Increased Profits 80%!

“…I thought it would be good, but I had no idea that I would receive the wealth of information that I did.
We have increased our total sales and profits about 80%. Thank you for your willingness to share your vast

- Andy Treadwell, Florida